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High Efficiency Video Coding Training by TONEX, HEVC Training Course

High-efficiency video coding, HEVC, standardized by ITU-T as H.265 is a recent video codec. HEVC compresses video files to half the size of MPEG-4/H.264 which is used on Blu-ray discs and some satellite TV broadcasts.

TONEX HEVC training course is a 3-day training course and can be tailored to the needs, click here 

HEVC can also be used to compress 4K resolution video and expanding to perform  8k resolution.

Learn about:

  • HEVC (H.265) Executive Summary
  • HEVC Technology Background
  • How It HEVC (H.265) Works
  • Partitioning of video sequence
  • Motion Vector Prediction
  • Coding Tree Units (CTU)
  • Prediction, transform and quantization, and entropy coding
  • Entropy coding CABAC

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