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How to deal with difficult people training?

How to deal with difficult people training course description

How to deal with difficult people training course covers the strategies and methods you can use at the workplace or in society to get along with the people whom you cannot stand and are real pain to work with.  This course will help you decode the difficult people, influence them, and get them working for you without them noticing it.

Difficult people are everywhere, from your house to your office and your book club, and unless you teach yourself how to deal with them, you cannot stay calm and sane interacting with them.  They come in every conceivable variety. Some of them always talk and never silence to listen to others. Some others criticize anything you do, not in a constructive way though. Some difficult colleagues are not reliable with tasks and mostly fail to keep commitments. Some coworkers always compete with you for power, opportunity, and spotlight.  Having a difficult coworker sometimes is so hard that you would feel to have to watch your back constantly because you know they are always waiting for a chance to undermine you or stab you in the back. Difficult people do not limit to only your workplace, they exist in every work place. But no matter what type of difficult situation you are in or what kind of difficult people you are working/living with, dealing with them is not optional, but is a must. Why? If you are constantly in a battle at work, it is YOU who would eventually end up being labeled as the “difficult person”. And if the situation continues to worsen over time, your boss might tire of you and replace you with a more “mature professional” employee who knows how to handle uncomfortable situations.

Our instructors at TONEX, will help you and your organization to bring peace to your workplace by training you how to deal with the people who are not easy to deal. Good news is that once you are trained, you will be able to tailor what you are taught depends on the situation are get in. In other words, you will not need a specific training for each new situation and this workshop will prepare you and teach you how to cope with difficult situations and people in future.

There are some tips ( on how to behave against difficult people in the day-to-day life but sometimes those people can directly affect your career and future, in which cases you would need more than tips, you need a serious training. While the how to deal with difficult people training course will teach you in detail how properly interact with difficult people, below are some general tips you could use to handle them:

  • Switch perceptions. Sometimes it could be simply the matter of opposite perspectives. It is possible that what they have in mind is different from yours and that have made them seem difficult to you, while you have been their “difficult person”. Therefore, it is only wise to first try to analyze them to understand their point of view before you categorize them as difficult people of your life.
  • Choose your communication approach wisely.
    • Start the conversation sincerely
    • Condemn the behavior, not the personality
    • Be specific about what you want to change
    • Pay attention to your tone, your voice, and body language
  • Stay calm
  • Be proactive instead of reactive
  • Switch from following to learning

The how to deal with difficult people training course helps you determine major areas that you should focus on to solve your people issues. In order to reach that goal, we will introduce you to the most common unwanted types of behavior and the roots to these behaviors and then will help you develop an understanding of why people really apply those types of behavior. Once you know the roots and the reasons why people are being difficult, you can solve them and influence them and thus get them to work with or for you.

Proper communication is the first step towards difficult people. Like everything else, communication is a skill, which you need to learn if you want to survive difficult people.  How to deal with people training course helps you improve your communicational skills. First, you have to learn to listen actively to be able to reach a deep understanding.  As much as listening is important, speaking effectively is as critical. You need to speak in a way to be understood. At TONEX, our instructors teach you how to listen actively and speak effectively. Once you developed such crucial skills as a communication habit, you are able to take over the difficult situations and thus get difficult people with difficult behaviors under your control.

Dealing with difficult people, as the title states, is a difficult matter. But having difficult people in a team makes challenges harder to solve and thus you would need a more skillful project manager in order to get the job done. The more difficult people involved in a project the more experienced and skillful the project manager should be to be able to handle the project. Just as it is hard for a manager to have difficult people in their team, it is very challenging to have a difficult person as a boss. And it would be as hard for all people of a company to deal with a difficult customer. As a result, no matter if you are a manager, or an employee, you need to have the skills and strategies of dealing with difficult people in order for an organization to accomplish its goals. At TONEX, we understand the importance of this matter and we have put the most experienced instructors to train you with this topic.

To sum up, in how to deal with difficult people training course, we will help you identify most common difficult behaviors and then teach you the best methods and techniques to deal with each of these behaviors.

Who Should Attend?

How to deal with difficult people training is a 2-day course suitable for leaders, managers, partners, teachers, parents, and all the individuals who are having a hard time dealing with difficult people at work, school, home, or among friends.

Topics Covered:

How to deal with difficult people course consists of the following lessons, which can be revised and tailored to the client’s need:

  • Overview Of How To Deal With Difficult People
  • Realize Four Intents
  • Communicational Skills; True Listening And Effective Speaking
  • Win The Sherman Tank
  • Beat The Sniper
  • Deal With The “Know-It-All”
  • Control The Exploder
  • Deal With The Super Agreeable
  • Neutralize The Negativist
  • Bring On Board The Indecisive, The Ditherer, The Hesitant
  • Deal With The Complainer


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