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IoT Training Courses,  Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT Training and Certification Track by TONEX  provides a comprehensive coursework that covering many areas:

Learn about IoT foundations, principles, key components, architectures, enabling technologies, connectivity, analytics and big data platforms, management systems, modeling, systems engineering, smart cities, smart homes, industrial application, applications engineering, cloud computing, security, standardization and and architectures.

TONEX IoT Training Certification Track provides overview of the Internet of things (IoT) and clarifies the concept and scope of the IoT. Learn about key fundamental characteristics and high-level requirements of the IoT and IoT reference model by ITU-T ITU-T Y.4000/Y.2060 (06/2012)

Topics include:

  • Introduction of the IoT Evolution
  • IoT Use Cases
  • Concept of the IoT
  • Technical overview of the IoT
  • Fundamental characteristics and high-level requirements of the IoT
  • Fundamental characteristics of IoT
  • High-level requirements of IoT
  • IoT reference model
  • Application layer requirements
  • Service support and application support layer
  • Network layer key concepts
  • Device layer
  • Management capabilities
  • Security capabilities
  •  IoT ecosystem and business models
  • IoT business roles
  • IoT business models

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