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ISO 26262 came about because of the increased efforts to provide safety-compliant systems.

Consequently the goal of ISO 26262 has been to provide a unifying safety standard for all automotive E/E systems.

The Draft International Standard (DIS) of ISO 26262 was published in June 2009. Since the publication of the draft, ISO 26262 has gained traction in the automotive industry. Automotive industry analysts believe implementing ISO 26262 allows leveraging a common standard to measure how safe a system will be in service.

ISO 26262 also provides the ability to reference specific parts of your system because of a common vocabulary provided by the standard. This falls in line with other safety-critical application areas; a common standard provides a way to measure how safe your system is.

The ISO 26262 standard provides regulations and recommendations throughout the product development process, from conceptual development through decommissioning. It details how to assign an acceptable risk level to a system or component and document the overall testing process.

Ten volumes make up ISO 26262. It is designed for series production cars, and contains sections specific to automotive. For instance, section 7 of ISO 26262 gives specific safety requirements for production, operation, service and decommission.

That said, experts in this important functional automotive standard point out there are several key parts to ISO 26262, such as:

  • Provides an automotive safety lifecycle (management, development, production, operation, service, decommissioning) and supports tailoring the necessary activities during these lifecycle phases
  • Provides an automotive specific risk-based approach for determining risk classes (Automotive Safety Integrity Levels, ASILs)
  • Uses ASILs for specifying the item’s necessary safety requirements for achieving an acceptable residual risk
  • Provides requirements for validation and confirmation measures to ensure a sufficient and acceptable level of safety being achieved

Want to learn more? Tonex offers ISO 26262: Automotive Safety, a 2-day course that helps participants develop their internal ISO 26262, implement it, and audit their company’s performance internally. This course is a combination of interactive lectures and practical activities, including labs, group activities and hands-on workshops. 

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