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Leadership Training For Women By Tonex

The leadership training for women is a courageous, tentative, and practical course designed to attack the issues and challenges successful female leaders are facing on a daily basis in society.

The leadership training for women is to prepare female professionals to rise to the next level of leadership in a strong and assertive way. At Tonex, we will help you learn how to increase your financial gains along with your productivity achievements.

While women, like their male counterparts, acquire the skills and capabilities to be senior leaders and executives, there have only been 19 female elected presidents and prime ministers around the world by 2013. In the business world also, the number is not that higher; they only hold 4.6% of Fortune 500 CEO positions. The reason why women are not fully appreciate for their outstanding capabilities is partly due to the historical and conventional view of the society towards women but partly is because women themselves are not confident enough to demonstrate such great values. This course is to change the latter part. Our experienced instructors at Tonex will help you to change your mindset about your abilities and believe and act like a leader.

The leadership training for women focuses on the issues that high-achieving women are dealing with at a personal and social level and teach them how to handle and manage such issues and convert them into a tool to get to their goals.

This hands-on seminar trains you to take advantage of your strengths and capabilities to overcome difficult situations and people. Through the leadership training for women course, you will learn how to master your emotions even under the most uncomfortable situations to avoid making wrong calls and emotional decisions. During this workshop, we will train you to be smart, confident enough to take calculated risks, follow your instinct, and not fearful of failure.

By the end of this training, you will go back to your job full of positive energy, feeling assertive, ready to compete, and knowing your true value. You will learn that you are an extraordinary leader who doesn’t need to settle for less. We know you are a great leader; we will make you see that too.

Who Should Attend?

The leadership training for women is a 2-day course designed for the female leaders, managers, business professionals, and all the others who are willing to compete fearlessly for a better position at their organizations by developing the highest quality of leadership.

What Will You Learn?

Below are the major topics this seminar will cover (more details can be found under the full course description):

  • Overview To Women Leadership
  • Communication With Others
  • Creating Partnerships
  • Developing A Competitive Yet Collaborative Mentality
  • What Is Calculated Risk Taking?
  • Developing Strong Strategies
  • How to Cooperate with Hypercompetitive Coworkers
  • How To Develop Strong Relationships With Influential Stakeholders

Leadership Training For Women

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