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Every year, breaches in cybersecurity cause billions of dollars in losses to government agencies and business of all sizes. It’s a threat that reaches across all national borders and has the potential to do irreparable harm.

It’s no wonder that Forbes has recently called cybersecurity the single biggest concern of 2017. What is particularly alarming is that these threats can come from so many different sources, and it’s vital for technology professionals worldwide to understand the distinctions. As Forbes outlines, the threats may include any of the following groups.

1. Hackers – Once upon a time, hackers were seen as relatively harmless individuals who broke into closed networks mainly for sport. Those days are long gone. Today’s hackers are disciplined, well trained, and often part of tight networks seeking common malicious objectives.
2. Cyber Criminals – Digital-age thieves, they attack systems for profit, either by stealing information or holding the systems themselves for ransom.
3. Hacktivists – Not all cyber criminals are motivated by profits. Hacktivists range from politically motivated individuals to deep-pocketed activist groups like Anonymous.
4. Cyber Terrorists – As terrorist groups become more digitally savvy, their ability to damage their enemies through cyber attacks grows. You can be sure this emerging threat will continue to grow in the coming years.
5. State Actors – As the American election of 2016 has demonstrated, even the largest targets are at risk from countries seeking to launch cyber attacks from abroad.

No matter the motives behind any specific threat, the reality is the same: no organization can afford to put off cybersecurity issues any longer.
Of course, the greatest defense against cybersecurtity threats is the right training. To put your people, business, or agency a step ahead of all possible cybersecurity threats, contact TONEX today for Cybersecurity training courses and consulting services.

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