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The Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS) is an advanced command, control, communications, computing and intelligence system. This is the communications component of the Link 16 Tactical Data Link (TDL), which is critical for interoperability of NATO and coalition forces operating within a battlespace.

The initiator of Link 16 and MIDS is the Multifunctional Information Distribution System Low Volume Terminal (MIDS LVT), a small unit fitted on airborne, ground and maritime platforms that incorporates data and voice transfer capabilities.

The MIDS LVT facilitates the exchange of data over a common communicating link, which allows participants to obtain and share information. Its benefits are many, including:

  • Secure, Jam Resistant Connectivity
  • Distributed Network
  • Control Service and NATO Interoperability
  • Long Range Coverage
  • Dual-Mode Identification (additional to IFF)
  • Accurate Relative Position Data

Perhaps the single most important contribution of MIDS is its ability to provide real time situational awareness in the chaos of a battlespace. Situational awareness is critical for military administrators to make wise decisions. MIDS allows all Link 16-capable terminals to act as nodes. This is crucial because it permits all military forces (land, sea and air) to be on the same page. All MIDS LVT operators can identify all participants in a battlespace at all times.

What one sees, all see. Jam-resistant Link-16 radios automatically exchange battlefield information – particularly locations of friendly and enemy aircraft, ships and ground forces – among themselves in a long-range, line-of-sight network. For example, air surveillance tracking data from an Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft can be instantly shared with fighter aircraft and air defense units.

The MIDS LVT provides two secure voice channels, supporting both 2.4Kbps and 16Kbps voice.

There are three families of MIDS LVT Terminals:

–The MIDS LVT family is generally used in airborne platforms (though it may also be used on the ground). This family of terminals requires the platform provide power, cooling, control and cabling.

–The MIDS LVT family is generally used in ground platforms. This family of terminals includes power, cooling, control and cabling.

–The MIDS LVT, also known as the MIDS FDL, is a specially designed terminal used by the U.S. Air Force F-15s. This is a 50 watt terminal that controls the onboard TACAN (Tactical Air Navigation), but does not contain a Voice or TACAN within the terminal.

Link 16/MIDS Training

Tones offers Link 16 and MIDS Training Bootcamp, a 5-day course where attendees learn Link 16 and MIDS-LVT terminals functions, processes, capabilities, planning, operations and management. Vendor-neutral Link 16 and MIDS training can help organizations embrace the best practices in Link 16 and Link 16 MIDS terminals in a way that vendor-specific training probably can’t.

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