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Link 16 Training Seminars

Link 16 Training Seminars: Tactical Data Links (TDL) such as Link 16 provide essential communications channels between forces to support interoperability.

Additionally, the Link 16 network provides vital exchange of situational awareness information between Link 16 enabled assets, making Link 16 a vital contribution for military executives to make informed decisions within the battlespace.

Link 16 is normally exchanged through a Radio Frequency (RF) bearer, although can be exchanged through landlines, satellite and serial links. Data encryption and frequency hopping techniques ensure that Link 16 is both jam resistant and secure.

Link 16 operates at UHF frequencies so direct communications is only possible when the transmitter and receiver are in line of sight. But Link 16 protocols allow information to be “relayed” via other platforms.

As an alternative, Link 16 messages can be transferred via secure landlines, satellites or other data links, using, for example, Joint Range Extension features to enhance the Link 16 infrastructure.

As a military Tactical Data Link, Link-16 has many benefits, including:

  • Security — Link-16 uses frequency hopping and spread spectrum modulation to prevent eavesdropping of messages.
  • Jam Resistance — Because of the relatively wide frequency range, it is difficult to block the entire network.
  • Line of Sight Transmission — Vehicles can communicate directly with each other up to 500 miles without needing a base station. Although with satellite capabilities and ad hoc protocols, it is nowadays possible to pass Link 16 data over long-haul protocols such as TCP/IPusing MIL-STD 3011 (JREAP) or STANAG 5602 (SIMPLE).

Link 16 uses the transmission characteristics and protocols, conventions, and fixed-length or variable length message formats defined by MIL-STD 6016 and STANAG 5516 (formerly the JTIDS technical interface design plan). Information is typically passed at one of three data rates: 31.6, 57.6, or 115.2 kilobits per second, although the radios and waveform FHSS itself can support throughput values well over 1 Mbit/s.

Link 16 information is primarily coded in J.-series messages which are binary data words with well-defined meanings. These data words are grouped in functional areas and allocated to network participation groups (NPG).

Link 16 systems engineers require training in the many different areas of Link 16 tactical data links. Take configuration management (CM) for example. This is a systems engineering process for establishing and maintaining consistency of a product’s performance, functional, and physical attributes with its requirements, design, and operational information throughout its life.

The CM process is widely used by military engineering organizations to manage changes throughout the system lifecycle of complex systems, weapon systems, military vehicles, and communications systems such as Link 16.

Link 16 Training

Tonex offers Advanced Link 16 Training, a 3-day course that covers advanced Link 16 concepts, Link 16 network architecture, Link 16 planning, Link 16 security, Link 16 Cybersecurity Link 16 operation and  Link 16 management.

Who Should Attend

Engineers, IT personnel, software and hardware developers and just about anyone interested in Link 16 tactical data links.

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Why Choose Tonex?

  • For over 30 years Tonex has worked with organizations in improving their understanding and capabilities in topics often with new development, design, optimization, regulations and compliances.
  • Tonex is internationally recognized as a Tactical Data Link training provider with subject matter experts.
  • Ratings tabulated from student feedback post-course evaluations show an amazing 98 percent satisfaction score.
  • So far we have helped over 20,000 developers in over 50 countries stay up to date with cutting edge information from our training categories.

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