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  • 0-9

    1x RTT             CDMA2000 1x Radio Transmission Technology

    2G                   2nd Generation

    3D                   Three Dimensional

    3G                   3rd Generation

    3GPP               Third Generation Partnership Project

    5G                   5th Generation

    5GC                 Fifth Generation Core network

    5GS                 5G System

    8-PSK              8-state Phase Shift Keying

  • A

    A-SGW            Access Signalling Gateway

    A3                    Authentication algorithm A3

    A38                  A single algorithm performing the functions of A3 and A8

    A5/1                Encryption algorithm A5/1

    A5/2                Encryption algorithm A5/2

    A5/X                Encryption algorithm A5/0-7

    A8                    Ciphering key generating algorithm A8

    AAL                 ATM Adaptation Layer

    AAL2               ATM Adaptation Layer type 2

    AAL5               ATM Adaptation Layer type 5

    AB                   Access Burst

    AC                   Access Class (C0 to C15)

                            Access Condition

                            Application Context

                            Authentication Centre

    ACC                 Automatic Congestion Control

    ACELP             Algebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction

    ACCH               Associated Control Channel

    ACIR                Adjacent Channel Interference Ratio

    ACK                 Acknowledgement

    ACL                 APN Control List

    ACLR               Adjacent Channel Leakage Power Ratio

    ACM                Accumulated Call Meter

                            Address Complete Message

    ACMmax          ACM (Accumulated Call Meter) maximal value

    ACRR               Adjacent Channel Rejection Ratio

    ACS                 Adjacent Channel Selectivity

    ACU                 Antenna Combining Unit

    ADC                 Administration Centre

                            Analogue to Digital Converter

    ADCH               Associated Dedicated Channel

    ADF                 Application Dedicated File

    ADM                Access condition to an EF which is under the control of the authority which creates this file

    ADN                 Abbreviated Dialling Numbers

    ADPCM            Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation

    AE                   Application Entity

    AEC                 Acoustic Echo Control

    AEF                 Additional Elementary Functions

    AESA               ATM End System Address

    AFC                 Automatic Frequency Control

    AGCH              Access Grant CHannel

    AGV                 Automated Guided Vehicle

    Ai                     Action indicator

    AI                     Acquisition Indicator

    AICH                Acquisition Indicator Channel

    AID                  Application IDentifier

    AIUR                Air Interface User Rate

    AK                   Anonymity Key

    AKA                 Authentication and Key Agreement

    AKI                   Asymmetric Key Index

    ALCAP             Access Link Control Application Protocol

    ALSI                 Application Level Subscriber Identity

    ALW                 ALWays

    AM                   Acknowledged Mode

    AMF                 Authentication Management Field

    AMN                Artificial Mains Network

    AMR                 Adaptive Multi Rate

    AMR-WB          Adaptive Multi Rate Wide Band

    AN                   Access Network

    ANP                 Access Network Provider

    AoC                 Advice of Charge

    AoCC               Advice of Charge Charging

    AoCI                Advice of Charge Information

    AP                   Access preamble

    APDU               Application Protocol Data Unit

    API                   Application Programming Interface

    APN                 Access Point Name

    AR                   Augmented Reality

    ARFCN             Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number

    ARP                 Address Resolution Protocol

    ARQ                 Automatic Repeat ReQuest

    ARR                 Access Rule Reference

    AS                   Access Stratum

    ASC                 Access Service Class

    ASCI                Advanced Speech Call Items

    ASE                 Application Service Element

    ASN.1              Abstract Syntax Notation One

    AT command   ATtention Command

    ATM                Asynchronous Transfer Mode

    ATR                 Answer To Reset

    ATT (flag)        Attach

    AU                   Access Unit

    AuC                 Authentication Centre

    AUT(H)            Authentication

    AUTN               Authentication token

    AWGN              Additive White Gaussian Noise

  • B

    B-ISDN            Broadband ISDN

    BA                   BCCH Allocation

    BAIC                Barring of All Incoming Calls

    BAOC              Barring of All Outgoing Calls

    BC                   Band Category

    BCC                 Base Transceiver Station (BTS) Colour Code

    BCCH               Broadcast Control Channel

    BCD                 Binary Coded Decimal

    BCF                 Base station Control Function

    BCFE               Broadcast Control Functional Entity

    BCH                 Broadcast Channel

    BCIE                Bearer Capability Information Element

    BDN                 Barred Dialling Number

    BER                 Bit Error Ratio

                            Basic Encoding Rules (of ASN.1)

    BFI                   Bad Frame Indication

    BG                   Border Gateway

    BGT                 Block Guard Time

    BI                     all Barring of Incoming call

    BIC                  Baseline Implementation Capabilities

    BIC-Roam        Barring of Incoming Calls when Roaming outside the home PLMN country

    BID                  Binding Identity

    BLER               Block Error Ratio

    Bm                   Full-rate traffic channel

    BMC                Broadcast/Multicast Control

    BN                   Bit Number

    BO                   all Barring of Outgoing call

    BOC                 Bell Operating Company

    BOIC                Barring of Outgoing International Calls

    BOIC-exHC      Barring of Outgoing International Calls except those directed to the Home PLMN Country

    BPSK               Binary Phase Shift Keying

    BS                   Base Station

                            Basic Service (group)

                            Bearer Service

    BSG                 Basic Service Group

    BSC                 Base Station Controller

    BSIC                Base transceiver Station Identity Code

    BSIC-NCELL    BSIC of an adjacent cell

    BSR                 Buffer Status Report

    BSS                 Base Station Subsystem

    BSSAP             Base Station Subsystem Application Part

    BSSGP             Base Station Subsystem GPRS Protocol

    BSSMAP          Base Station Subsystem Management Application Part

    BSSOMAP        Base Station Subsystem Operation and Maintenance Application Part

    BTFD               Blind Transport Format Detection

    BTS                 Base Transceiver Station

    BVC                 BSS GPRS Protocol Virtual Connection

    BVCI                BSS GPRS Protocol Virtual Connection Identifier

    BW                   Bandwidth

    BWT                Block Waiting Time

  • C

    C                     Conditional

    C-                    Control-

    C/I                   Carrier-to-Interference Power Ratio

    CA                   Carrier Aggregation

    C-APDU           Command APDU

    C-RNTI            Cell Radio Network Temporary Identity

    C-TPDU           Command TPDU

    CA                   Capacity Allocation

                            Cell Allocation

                            Certification Authority

    CAA                 Capacity Allocation Acknowledgement

    CAD                 Card Acceptance Device

    CAI                  Charge Advice Information

    CAMEL            Customised Application for Mobile network Enhanced Logic

    CAP                 CAMEL Application Part

    CAZAC            Constant Amplitude Zero Auto-Correlation

    CB                   Cell Broadcast

    CBC                 Cell Broadcast Centre

                            Cipher Block Chaining

    CBCH               Cell Broadcast CHannel

    CBMI                Cell Broadcast Message Identifier

    CBR                 Constant Bit Rate

    CBS                 Cell Broadcast Service

    CC                   Call Control

                            Country Code

                            Cryptographic Checksum

                            Component Carrier

    CC/PP              Composite Capability/Preference Profiles

    CCBS               Completion of Calls to Busy Subscriber

    CCCH               Common Control Channel

    CCE                 Control Channel Element

    CCF                 Call Control Function

    CCH                 Control Channel

    CCI                  Capability / Configuration Identifier

    CCITT              Comité Consultatif International Télégraphique et Téléphonique (The International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee)

    CCK                 Corporate Control Key

    CCM                Certificate Configuration Message

                            Current Call Meter

    CCO                 Cell Change Order

    CCP                 Capability/Configuration Parameter

    CCPCH             Common Control Physical Channel

    Cct                  Circuit

    CCTrCH           Coded Composite Transport Channel

    CD                   Capacity Deallocation

                            Collision Detection

    CDA                 Capacity Deallocation Acknowledgement

    CDCH               Control-plane Dedicated CHannel

    CDMA              Code Division Multiple Access

    CDN                 Coupling/Decoupling Network

    CDR                 Charging Data Record

    CDUR               Chargeable DURation

    CED                 called station identifier

    CEIR                 Central Equipment Identity Register

    CEND               end of charge point

    CEPT               Conférence des administrations Européennes des Postes et Telecommunications

    CF                   Conversion Facility

                            all Call Forwarding services

    CFB                 Call Forwarding on mobile subscriber Busy

    CFN                 Connection Frame Number

    CFNRc             Call Forwarding on mobile subscriber  Not Reachable

    CFNRy             Call Forwarding on No Reply

    CFU                 Call Forwarding Unconditional

    CGI                  Common Gateway Interface

                            Cell Global Identifier

    CHAP               Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol

    CHP                 CHarging Point

    CHV                 Card Holder Verification information

    CI                     Cell Identity

                            CUG index

    CID                  Cell-ID (positioning method)

    CIM                  Common Information Model

    CIR                   Carrier to Interference Ratio

    CK                   Cipher Key

    CKSN               Ciphering Key Sequence Number

    CLA                 CLAss

    CLI                   Calling Line Identity

    CLIP                 Calling Line Identification Presentation

    CLIR                 Calling Line Identification Restriction

    CLK                 Clock

    CM                   Connection Management

    CMAS              Commercial Mobile Alert Service

    CMC                Connection Mobility Control

    CMD                Command

    CMIP                Common Management Information Protocol

    CMISE              Common Management Information Service

    CMM                Channel Mode Modify

    CN                   Core Network

                            Comfort Noise

    CNAP               Calling Name Presentation

    CNG                 Calling Tone

    CNL                 Co-operative Network List

    CNTR               Counter

    CLNP               Connectionless network protocol

    CLNS               Connectionless network service

    COLI                COnnected Line Identity

    COLP               COnnected Line identification Presentation

    COLR               COnnected Line identification Restriction

    COM                COMplete

    CONNACK        Connect Acknowledgement

    CONS               Connection-oriented network service

    CORBA            Common Object Request Broker Architecture

    CP                   Cyclic prefix

    CP-Admin        Certificate Present (in the MExE SIM)-Administrator

    CP-TP             Certificate Present (in the MExE SIM)-Third Party

    CPBCCH          COMPACT Packet BCCH

    CPICH              Common Pilot Channel

    CPCH               Common Packet Channel

    CPCS               Common Part Convergence Sublayer

    CPS                 Common Part Sublayer

    CPU                 Central Processing Unit

    C-plane           Control Plane

    C/R                  Command/Response field bit

    CQI                  Channel Quality Indicator

    CRC                 Cyclic Redundancy Check

    CRE                 Call Ree-establishment procedure

    CRNC               Controlling Radio Network Controller

    CS-GW            Circuit Switched Gateway

    CS                   Circuit Switched

                            Coding Scheme

    CSCF               Call Server Control Function

    CSD                 Circuit Switched Data

    CSE                 Camel Service Environment

    CSG                 Closed Subscriber Group

    CSGID              Closed Subscriber Group Identity

    CSI                   Channel State Information

    CSPDN             Circuit Switched Public Data Network

    CT                   Call Transfer supplementary service

                            Channel Tester

                            Channel Type

    CTCH               Common Traffic Channel

    CTDMA            Code Time Division Multiple Access

    CTFC               Calculated Transport Format Combination

    CTM                Cellular Text telephone Modem

    CTR                 Common Technical Regulation

    CTS                 Cordless Telephony System


    CUG                 Closed User Group

    CW                   Call Waiting

                            Continuous Wave (unmodulated signal)

    CWI                  Character Waiting Integer

    CWT                Character Waiting Time

    C-RNTI            Cell RNTI

  • D

    DAC                 Digital to Analog Converter

    DAD                 Destination ADress

    DAM                DECT Authentication Module

    DB                   Dummy Burst

    DC                   Dedicated Control (SAP)

                            Direct Current

    DCA                 Dynamic Channel Allocation

    DCCH               Dedicated Control Channel

    DCE                 Data Circuit terminating Equipment

    DCF                 Data Communication Function

    DCH                 Dedicated Channel

    DCI                  Downlink Control Information

    DCK                 Depersonalisation Control Key

    DCN                 Data Communication Network

    DCS                 Data Coding Scheme

    DCS1800          Digital Cellular Network at 1800MHz

    DC-HSDPA       Dual Cell HSDPA

    DDI                  Direct Dial In

    DDoS               Distributed Denial of Service

    DECT               Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications

    DET                 Detach

    DES                 Data Encryption Standard

    DF                   Dedicated File

    DFT                 Discrete Fourier Transformation

    DHCP               Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

    DHO                 Diversity Handover

    diff-serv          Differentiated services

    DISC                Disconnect

    DL                   Data Layer

                            Downlink (Forward Link)

    DLCI                Data Link Connection Identifier

    DLD                 Data Link Discriminator

    DL-SCH           Downlink Shared channel

    Dm                   Control channel (ISDN terminology applied to mobile service)

    DMR                 Digital Mobile Radio

    DMTF              Distributed Management Task Force

    DN                   Destination Network

    DNIC                Data Network Identifier

    DNS                 Directory Name Service

    DO                   Data Object

    DP                   Dial/Dialled Pulse

    DPCCH             Dedicated Physical Control Channel

    DPCH               Dedicated Physical Channel

    DPDCH             Dedicated Physical Data Channel

    DRAC               Dynamic Resource Allocation Control

    DRB                 Data Radio Bearer

    DRNC               Drift Radio Network Controller

    DRNS               Drift RNS

    DRX                 Discontinuous Reception

    DS-CDMA        Direct-Sequence Code Division Multiple Access

    DSAC               Domain Specific Access Control

    DSCH               Downlink Shared Channel

    DSE                 Data Switching Exchange

    DSI                   Digital Speech Interpolation

    DSS1                Digital Subscriber Signalling No1

    DTAP               Direct Transfer Application Part

    DTCH               Dedicated Traffic Channel

    DTE                 Data Terminal Equipment

    DTMF              Dual Tone Multiple Frequency

    DTT                 Digital Terrestrial Television

    DTX                 Discontinuous Transmission

    DUT                 Device Under Test

    DwPTS            Downlink Pilot Timeslot

  • E

    E-CID               Enhanced Cell-ID (positioning method)

    E-GGSN           Enhanced GGSN

    E-HLR              Enhanced HLR

    E-RAB             E-UTRAN Radio Access Bearer

    E-SMLC           Enhanced Serving Mobile Location Centre

    E-TM               E-UTRA Test Model

    E2E                  End-to-End

    EA                   External Alarms

    EAB                 Extended Access Barring

    EAP                 Extensible Authentication Protocol

    EARFCN           E-UTRA Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number

    EBSG               Elementary Basic Service Group

    ECB                 Electronic Code-book

    ECC                 Emergency Call Code

                            Elliptic Curve Cryptography

    ECEF               Earth Centred, Earth Fixed

    EC-EGPRS       Extended Coverage EGPRS [deprecated: replaced by EC-GSM-IoT]

    ECGI                E-UTRAN Cell Global Identifier

    EC-GSM-IoT    Extended Coverage GSM Internet of Things

    ECI                   Earth-Centered-Inertial

    ECM                 Error Correction Mode (facsimile)

                            EPS Connection Management

    Ec/No              Ratio of energy per modulating bit to the noise spectral density

    ECSD               Enhanced CSD

    ECT                 Explicit Call Transfer supplementary service

    ECTRA             European Committee of Telecommunications Regulatory Affairs

    EDC                 Error Detection Code byte

    EDGE               Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution

    eDRX               Extended Discontinous Reception

    EEL                  Electric Echo Loss

    EF                    Elementary File (on the UICC)

    EFR                  Enhanced Full Rate

    EFS                  Error free seconds

    EGPRS             Enhanced GPRS

    EHPLMN          Equivalent Home PLMN

    EIR                   Equipment Identity Centre

                            Equipment Identity Register

    EIRP                 Equivalent Isotropic Radiated Power

    EL                    Echo Loss

    EF                    Elementary File

    EM                   Element Manager

    eMBB              Enhanced MBB

    EMC                 ElectroMagnetic Compatibility

    eMLPP             enhanced Multi-Level Precedence and Pre-emption

    EMMI               Electrical Man Machine Interface

    eNB                 E-UTRAN Node B

                            evolved Node B

    EP                    Elementary Procedure

    EPA                 Extended Pedestrian A model

    EPC                 Enhanced Power Control

                            Evolved Packet Core

    EPRE                Energy Per Resource Element

    E-UTRA           Evolved UTRA

                            Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access

    E-UTRAN         Evolved UTRAN

                            Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network

    EPS                  Evolved Packet System

    EPCCH             Enhanced Power Control Channel

    EPROM            Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

    ERP                  Ear Reference Point

                            Equivalent Radiated Power

    ERR                  Error

    ESD                 Electrostatic discharge

    ETNS               European Telecommunications Numbering Space

    ETR                 ETSI Technical Report

    ETS                 European Telecommunication Standard

    ETSI                 European Telecommunications Standards Institute

    etu                   elementary time unit

    ETU                 Extended Typical Urban model

    ETWS               Earthquake and Tsunami Warning System

    EUI                   End-User Identity

    EVA                 Extended Vehicular A model

    EVM                 Error Vector Magnitude