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  • U

    U-plane           User plane

    U-RNTI            UTRAN Radio Network Temporary Identity

    UARFCN           UTRA Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number

    UARFN             UTRA Absolute Radio Frequency Number

    UART               Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter

    UAV                 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

    UCS2               Universal Character Set 2

    UDD                 Unconstrained Delay Data

    UDI                  Unrestricted Digital Information

    UDP                 User Datagram Protocol

    UDUB               User Determined User Busy

    UDCH               User-plane Dedicated CHannel

    UE                   User Equipment

    UER                  User Equipment with ODMA relay operation enabled

    UEM                 operating band Unwanted Emissions Mask

    UHD                 Ultra-High Definition

    UI                     User Interface

                            Unnumbered Information (Frame)

    UIA                  3G Integrity Algorithm

    UIC                  Union Internationale des Chemins de Fer

    UL                   Uplink (Reverse Link)

    UL-SCH           Uplink Shared channel

    UM                   Unacknowledged Mode

    UML                 Unified Modelling Language

    UMS                 User Mobility Server

    UMSC              UMTS Mobile Services Switching Centre

    UMTS              Universal Mobile Telecommunications System

    UNI                  User-Network Interface

    UP                   User Plane

    UPCMI              Uniform PCM Interface (13-bit)

    UPE                 User Plane Entity

    UPD                 Up to date

    UpPTS             Uplink Pilot Timeslot

    UPT                 Universal Personal Telecommunication

    URA                 User Registration Area

                            UTRAN Registration Area

    URAN               UMTS Radio Access Network

    URB                 User Radio Bearer

    URI                   Uniform Resource Identifier

    URL                 Uniform Resource Locator

    URLLC             Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication

    USAT               USIM Application Toolkit

    USB                 Universal Serial Bus

    USC                 UE Service Capabilities

    USCH               Uplink Shared Channel

    USF                 Uplink State Flag

    USIM                Universal Subscriber Identity Module


    USSD               Unstructured Supplementary Service Data

    UT                   Universal Time

    UTRA               Universal Terrestrial Radio Access

    UTRAN             Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Network

    UUI                  User-to-User Information

    UUS                 Uu Stratum

                            User-to-User Signalling

  • V

    V                     Value only

    V2X                  Vehicle-to-Everything

    VA                   Voice Activity factor

    VAD                 Voice Activity Detection

    VAP                 Videotex Access Point

    VASP               Value Added Service Provider

    VBR                 Variable Bit Rate

    VBS                 Voice Broadcast Service

    VC                   Virtual Circuit

    VGCS               Voice Group Call Service

    VHE                 Virtual Home Environment

    VLAN               Virtual LAN

    VLR                 Visitor Location Register

    VMSC              Visited MSC

    VoIP                 Voice Over IP

    VPLMN            Visited Public Land Mobile Network

    VPN                 Virtual Private Network

    VR                   Virtual Reality

    VRB                 Virtual Resource Block

    VSC                 Videotex Service Centre

    V(SD)               Send state variable

    VTX host         The components dedicated to Videotex service


  • W

    WA                   Wide Area

    WAAS              Wide Area Augmentation System

    WAE                 Wireless Application Environment

    WAP                 Wireless Application Protocol

    WBEM              Web Based Enterprise Management

    WCDMA           Wideband Code Division Multiple Access

    WDP                 Wireless Datagram Protocol

    WG                  Working Group

    WGS-84           World Geodetic System 1984

    WIM                 Wireless Identity Module

    WIN                  Wireless Intelligent Network

    WLAN              Wireless Local Area Network

    WLAN UE         WLAN User Equipment

    WPA                 Wrong Password Attempts (counter)

    WS                   Work Station

    WSP                 Wireless Session Protocol

    WTA                Wireless Telephony Applications

    WTAI                Wireless Telephony Applications Interface

    WTDD              Wideband Time Division Duplexing

    WTLS               Wireless Transport Layer Security

    WTP                 Wireless Transaction Protocol

    WTX                 Waiting Time eXtenstion

    WWT                Work Waiting Time

    WWW               World Wide Web

  • X

    X2-C                X2-Control plane

    X2-U                X2-User plane

    XID                   eXchange IDentifier

    XMAC              exXpected Message Authentication Code (calculated by the USIM application in 3G AKA)

    XML                 eXtensible Markup Language

    XRES                EXpected user RESponse

  • Y


  • Z

    ZC                   Zone Code