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K  L  M  N  O

  • K

    k                      Windows size

    K                      Constraint length of the convolutional code

                            USIM Individual key

    kbps                kilo-bits per second

    Kc                    Ciphering key

    Ki                     Individual subscriber authentication key

    KPI                   Key Performance Indicator

    KSI                   Key Set Identifier

    ksps                kilo-symbols per second

  • L

    L1                    Layer 1 (physical layer)

    L2                    Layer 2 (data link layer)

    L2ML               Layer 2 Management Link

    L2R                  Layer 2 Relay

    L2R BOP          L2R Bit Orientated Protocol

    L2R COP          L2R Character Orientated Protocol

    L3                    Layer 3 (network layer)

    LA                   Location Area

    LAC                 Link Access Control

                            Location Area Code

    LAI                   Location Area Identity

    LAN                 Local Area Network

    LAPB               Link Access Protocol Balanced

    LAPDm            Link Access Protocol on the Dm channel

    LATA               Local Access and Transport Area

    LAU                 Location Area Update

    LB                   Load Balancing

    LCD                 Low Constrained Delay

    LCG                 Logical Channel Group

    LCN                 Local Communication Network

    LCP                 Link Control Protocol

    LCR                 Low Chip Rate

    LCS                 Location Services

    LCSC               LCS Client

    LCSS               LCS Server

    LE                    Local Exchange

    LEN                 LENgth

    LI                     Language Indication

                            Lawful Interception

                            Length Indicator

                            Line Identity

    LIPA                 Local IP Access

    LLC                 Logical Link Control

                            Low Layer Compatibility

    Lm                   Traffic channel with capacity lower than a Bm

    LMSI                Local Mobile Station Identity

    LMU                 Location Measurement Unit

    LN                   Logical Name

    LNA                 Low Noise Amplifier

    LND                 Last Number Dialled

    LNS                 L2TP Network Server

    LPLMN             Local PLMN

    LPP                  LTE Positioning Protocol

    LPPa                LTE Positioning Protocol Annex

    LR                    Location Register

                            Location Registration

    LSA                 Localised Service Area

    LSB                 Least Significant Bit

    LSTR               Listener SideTone Rating

    LTE                 Local Terminal Emulator

                            Long Term Evolution

    LTZ                 Local Time Zone

    LU                   Local Units

                            Location Update

    LV                   Length and Value

  • M

    M                     Mandatory

    M                     Mandatory

    MA                   Mobile Allocation

                            Multiple Access

    MAC                Medium Access Control (protocol layering context)

                            Message authentication code (encryption context)

    MAC-A            MAC used for authentication and key agreement (TSG T WG3 context)

    MAC-I              MAC used for data integrity of signalling messages (TSG T WG3 context)

    MACN              Mobile Allocation Channel Number

    MAF                 Mobile Additional Function

    MAH                Mobile Access Hunting supplementary service

    MAHO              Mobile Assisted Handover

    MAI                  Mobile Allocation Index

    MAIO               Mobile Allocation Index Offset

    MAP                 Mobile Application Part

    MBB                Mobile Broadband

    MBMS              Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Service

    MBSFN            Multimedia Broadcast multicast service Single Frequency Network

    MCC                Mobile Country Code

    MCCH              Multicast Control Channel

    MCE                 Multi-cell/multicast Coordination Entity

    MCH                Multicast channel

    MCI                  Malicious Call Identification supplementary service

    MCML              Multi-Class Multi-Link PPP

    Mcps               Mega-chips per second

    MCS                 Modulation and Coding Scheme

    MCU                Media Control Unit

    MD                   Mediation Device

    MDL                 (mobile) Management (entity) - Data Link (layer)

    MDS                 Multimedia Distribution Service

    MDT                Minimization of Drive Tests

    ME                   Maintenance Entity

                            Mobile Equipment

    MEF                 Maintenance Entity Function

    MEHO              Mobile evaluated handover

    MER                 Message Error Ratio

    MExE               Mobile Execution Environment

    MF                   Master File


    MGCF              Media Gateway Control Function

    MGCP              Media Gateway Control Part

    MGT                Mobile Global Title

    MGW                Media GateWay

    MHEG              Multimedia and Hypermedia Information Coding Expert Group

    MHS                 Message Handling System

    MIB                  Management Information Base

                            Master Information Block

    MIC                  Mobile Interface Controller

    MIM                 Management Information Model

    MIMO               Multiple Input Multiple Output

    MIP                  Mobile IP

    MIPS                Million Instructions Per Second

    MLC                 Mobile Location Centre

    MM                  Man Machine

                            Mobility Management


    MME                Mobile Management Entity

    MMI                 Man Machine Interface

    mMTC              Massive MTC

    MNC                Mobile Network Code

    MNO                Mobile Network Operator

    MNP                 Mobile Number Portability

    MO                  Mobile Originated

    MO-LR             Mobile Originating Location Request

    MO-SMS          Mobile Originated Short Message Service

    MOHO              Mobile Originated Handover

    MOS                Mean Opinion Score

    MoU                 Memorandum of Understanding

    MP                   Multi-link PPP

    MPEG              Moving Pictures Experts Group

    MPH                 (mobile) Management (entity) - PHysical (layer) [primitive]

    MPTY              MultiParTY

    MRF                 Media Resource Function

    MRP                 Mouth Reference Point

    MS                   Mobile Station

    MSA                 MCH Subframe Allocation

    MSB                 Most Significant Bit

    MSC                 Mobile Switching Centre

    MSCM              Mobile Station Class Mark

    MSCU              Mobile Station Control Unit

    MSD                 Maximum Sensitivity Degradation

    MSE                 MExE Service Environment

    MSID                Mobile Station Identifier

    MSD                 Maximum Sensitivity Degradation

    MSI                  MCH Scheduling Information

    MSIN                Mobile Station Identification Number

    MSISDN            Mobile Subscriber ISDN Number

    MSP                 Multiple Subscriber Profile

    MSR                 Multi-Standard Radio

    MSRN               Mobile Station Roaming Number

    MT                   Mobile Terminated

                            Mobile Termination

    MTC                Machine-Type Communications

    MTCH              Multicast Traffic Channel

    MT-LR             Mobile Terminating Location Request

    MT-SMS          Mobile Terminated Short Message Service

    MTM                Mobile-To-Mobile (call)

    MTP                 Message Transfer Part

    MTP3-B           Message Transfer Part level 3

    MTU                Maximum Transfer Unit

    MU                   Mark Up

    MUI                  Mobile User Identifier

    MUMS              Multi User Mobile Station

    MVNO              Mobile Virtual Network Operator

  • N

    NACC               Network Assisted Cell Change

    NACK               Negative Acknowledgement

    NAD                 Node Address byte

    NAI                  Network Access Identifier

    NAS                 Non-Access Stratum

    NBAP               Node B Application Part

    NB                   Normal Burst

    NCELL             Neighbouring (of current serving) Cell

    NBAP               Node B Application Part

    NBIN                A parameter in the hopping sequence

    NCC                 Network (PLMN) Colour Code

    NCH                 Notification CHannel

    NCK                 Network Control Key

    NCP                 Network Control Protocol

    NDC                 National Destination Code

    NDUB               Network Determined User Busy

    NE                   Network Element

    NEF                 Network Element Function

    NEHO               Network evaluated handover

    NET                 NETwork

    NEV                 NEVer

    NF                   Network Function

    NGCN              Next Generation Corporate Network (TSs originating pre-Release-15)
    Next Generation Core Network (TSs originating Release 15 onwards)

    NGMN              Next Generation Mobile Networks

    NI-LR               Network Induced Location Request

    NIC                  Network Independent Clocking

    NITZ                Network Identity and Time Zone

    NM                   Network Manager

    NMC                Network Management Centre

    NMR                 Network Measurement Results

    NMO                Network Mode of Operation

    NMS                 Network Management Subsystem

    NMSI                National Mobile Station Identifier

    NNI                  Network-Node Interface

    NO                   Network Operator

    NP                   Network Performance

    NPA                 Numbering Plan Area

    NPI                   Numbering Plan Identifier

    NRI                   Network Resource Identifier

    NRM                 Network Resource Model

    NRT                 Non-Real Time

    NSAP               Network Service Access Point

    NSAPI              Network Service Access Point Identifier

    NSCK               Network Subset Control Key

    NSDU               Network service data unit

    NSS                 Network Sub System

    Nt                    Notification (SAP)

    NT                   Network Termination

                            Non Transparent

    NTAAB            New Type Approval Advisory Board

    NTDD               Narrow-band Time Division Duplexing

    NUA                 Network User Access

    NUI                  National User / USIM Identifier

                            Network User Identification

    NUP                 National User Part (SS7)

    NW                   Network

  • O

    O                     Optional

    O&M                Operations & Maintenance

    OA                   Outgoing Access (CUG SS)

    OACSU            Off-Air-Call-Set-Up

    OCB                 Outgoing Calls Barred within the CUG

    OCCCH            ODMA Common Control Channel

    OCF                 Open Card Framework

    OCI                  Outgoing Call Information

    OCNG              OFDMA Channel Noise Generator

    OCNS               Orthogonal Channel Noise Simulator

    OCS                 Online Charging System

    OCT                 Outgoing Call Timer

    OD                   Optional for operators to implement for their aim

    ODB                 Operator Determined Barring

    ODCCH            ODMA Dedicated Control Channel

    ODCH              ODMA Dedicated Channel

    OLR                 Overall Loudness Rating

    ODMA              Opportunity Driven Multiple Access

    ODTCH            ODMA Dedicated Traffic Channel

    OID                  Object Identifier

    OFCS               Offline Charging System

    OFDM              Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex

                            Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

    OFDMA            Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access

    OFM                Operational Feature Monitor

    OMC                Operation and Maintenance Centre

    OML                Operations and Maintenance Link

    OOB                Out-of-band

    OPLMN            Operator Controlled PLMN (Selector List)

    OR                   Optimal Routeing

    ORACH            ODMA Random Access CHannel

    ORLCF             Optimal Routeing for Late Call Forwarding

    OS                   Operations System

    OSA                 Open Service Access

    OSI                  Open System Interconnection

    OSI RM             OSI Reference Model

    OSP                 Octet Stream Protocol

    OSP:IHOSS       Octet Stream Protocol for Internet Hosted Octet Stream Service

    OTA                 Over-The-Air

    OTDOA            Observed Time Difference Of Arrival (positioning method)

    OTP                 One Time Password

    OVSF               Orthogonal Variable Spreading Factor