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P  Q  R  S  T

  • P

    P-CCPCH         Primary Common Control Physical Channel

    P-CPIH             Primary Common Pilot Channel

    P-RNTI             Paging RNTI

    P-TMSI            Packet TMSI

    PA                   Power Amplifier

    PAPR               Peak-to-Average Power Ratio

    PABX               Private Automatic Branch eXchange

    PACCH             Packet Associated Control Channel

    PAD                 Packet Assember/Disassembler

    PAGCH            Packet Access Grant Channel

    PAP                 Password Authentication Protocol

    PAR                 Peak to Average Ratio

    PB                   Pass Band

    PBID                PhoneBook IDentifier

    PBCCH             Packet Broadcast Control Channel

    PBCH               Physical Broadcast Channel

    PBP                 Paging Block Periodicity

    PBX                 Private Branch eXchange

    PC                   Power Control

                            Personal Computer

    PCB                 Protocol Control Byte

    PCCC               Parallel Concatenated Convolutional Code

    PCCCH             Packet Common Control Channel

    PCCH               Paging Control Channel

    PCDE               Peak Code Domain Error

    PCell                Primary Cell

    PCFICH            Physical control format indicator channel

    PCG                 Project Co-ordination Group

    PCH                 Paging Channel

    PCK                 Personalisation Control Key

    PCM                 Pulse Code Modulation

    PCMCIA           Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

    PCPCH             Physical Common Packet Channel

    PCS                 Personal Communication System

    PCU                 Packet Control Unit

    PD                   Protocol Discriminator

                            Public Data

    PDCCH             Physical Downlink Control Channel

    PDCP               Packet Data Convergence Protocol

    PDCH               Packet Data Channel

    PDH                 Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy

    PDN                 Public Data Network

                            Packet Data Network

    PDP                 Packet Data Protocol

    PDSCH             Physical Downlink Shared Channel

    PDTCH             Packet Data Traffic Channel

    PDU                 Protocol Data Unit

    PG                   Processing Gain

    PH                   Packet Handler

                            PHysical (layer)

    PHF                 Packet Handler Function

    PHI                   Packet Handler Interface

    PHICH              Physical hybrid-ARQ indicator channel

    PHS                 Personal Handyphone System

    PHY                 Physical layer

    PhyCH              Physical Channel

    PI                     Page Indicator

                            Presentation Indicator

    PICH                Page Indicator Channel

    PICS                 Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement

    PID                   Packet Identification

    PIN                   Personal Identification Number

    PIXT                 Protocol Implementation eXtra information for Testing

    PKCS               Public-Key Cryptography Standards

    PL                    Preferred Languages

    PLMN               Public Land Mobile Network

    PMCH              Physical Multicast Channel

    PMD                 Physical Media Dependent

    PMI                  Precoding Matrix Indicator

    PN                   Pseudo Noise

    PNE                 Présentation des Normes Européennes

    PNP                 Private Numbering Plan

    POI                  Point Of Interconnection (with PSTN)

    PoR                  Proof of Receipt

    POTS               Plain Old Telephony Service

    PP                    Point-to-Point

    PPCH               Packet Paging Channel

    PPE                  Primative Procedure Entity

    PPF                  Paging Proceed Flag

    PPM                 Parts Per Million

    PPP                  Point-to-Point Protocol

    PPS                  Protocol and Parameter Select (response to the ATR)

    PRACH             Physical Random Access Channel

                            Packet Random Access Channel

    PRB                 Physical Resource Block

    Pref CUG         Preferential CUG

    ProSe              Proximity-based Services

    PRS                  Positioning Reference Signal

    PS                    Packet Switched

                            Location Probability

    PSC                 Primary Synchronisation Code

                            Packet Scheduling

    PSCH               Physical Shared Channel

    PSE                  Personal Service Environment

    PSM                 Power Saving Mode

    PSPDN             Packet Switched Public Data Network

    PSTN               Public Switched Telephone Network

    PTCCH             Packet Timing advance Control Channel

    PTM                 Point-to-Multipoint

    PTM-G            PTM Group Call

    PTM-M            PTM Multicast

    PTP                 Point to point

    PU                   Payload Unit

    PUCCH             Physical Uplink Control Channel

    PUCT               Price per Unit Currency Table

    PUK                 PIN Unblocking Key

    PUSCH             Physical Uplink Shared Channel

    PVC                 Permanent Virtual Circuit

    PW                   Pass Word

    PWS                 Public Warning System

  • Q

    QA                   Q (Interface) - Adapter

    QAF                 Q - Adapter Function

    QAM                Quadrature Amplitude Modulation

    QCI                  QoS Class Identifier

    QoE                 Quality of Experience

    QoS                 Quality of Service

    QPSK               Quadrature (Quaternary) Phase Shift Keying

    QZSS               Quasi-Zenith Satellite System

  • R

    R                      Value of Reduction of the MS transmitted RF power relative to the maximum allowed output power of the highest  power class of MS (A)

    R-APDU           Response APDU

    R-Block           Receive-ready Block

    R-PDCCH         Relay Physical Downlink Control Channel

    R-SGW             Roaming Signalling Gateway

    R-TPDU           Response TPDU

    R99                  Release 1999

    RA                   Routing Area

                            Random mode request information field

    RA-RNTI          Random Access RNTI

    RAB                 Radio Access Bearer

                            Random Access Burst

    RAC                 Routing Area Code

    RACH               Random Access Channel

    RADIUS            Remote Authentication Dial In User Service

    RAI                   Routing Area Identity

    RAN                 Radio Access Network

    RANAP             Radio Access Network Application Part

    RAND               RANDom number (used for authentication)

    RAT                 Radio Access Technology

    RAU                 Routing Area Update

    RB                   Radio Bearer

    RBC                 Radio Bearer Control

    RBER               Residual Bit Error Ratio

    RDF                 Resource Description Format

    RDI                   Restricted Digital Information

    RE                    Resource Element

    REC                 RECommendation

    REG                 Resource Element Group

    REJ                  REJect(ion)

    REL                  RELease

    Rel-4               Release 4

    Rel-5               Release 5

    REQ                 REQuest

    RES                  user RESponse

                            64-bit signed RESponse that is the output of the function f2 in a 3G AKA

    RET                 Remote Electrical Tilting

    RETAP             Remote Electrical Tilting Application Part

    RF                    Radio Frequency

    RFC                 Request For Comments

                            Radio Frequency Channel

    RFCH               Radio Frequency CHannel

    RFE                  Routing Functional Identity

    RFN                 Reduced TDMA Frame Number

    RFU                 Reserved for Future Use

    RI                     Rank Indication

    RIM                  RAN Information Management

    RL                    Radio Link

    RLC                 Radio Link Control

    RLCP               Radio Link Control Protocol

    RLP                  Radio Link Protocol

    RLR                  Receiver Loudness Rating

    RLS                  Radio Link Set

    RMS                 Root Mean Square (value)

    RN                   Relay Node

    RNC                 Radio Network Controller

    RNL                 Radio Network Layer

    RNS                 Radio Network Subsystem

    RNSAP             Radio Network Subsystem Application Part

    RNTABLE         Table of 128 integers in the hopping sequence

    RNTI                Radio Network Temporary Identity

    ROHC               Robust Header Compression

    RPLMN             Registered Public Land Mobile Network

    RPOA               Recognised Private Operating Agency

    RR                    Radio Resources

    RRC                 Radio Resource Control

    RRM                 Radio Resource Management

    RS                    Reference Symbol

    RSA                 Algorithm invented by Rivest, Adleman and Shamir

    RSCP               Received Signal Code Power

    RSE                  Radio System Entity

    RSL                  Radio Signalling Link

    RSRQ               Reference Signal Received Quality

    RSSI                 Received Signal Strength Indicator

    RST                 Reset

    RSTD               Reference Signal Time Difference

    RSVP               Resource ReserVation Protocol

    RSZI                 Regional Subscription Zone Identity

    RT                   Real Time

    RTE                 Remote Terminal Emulator

    RTP                 Real Time Protocol

    RU                   Resource Unit

    RWB                 Resolution Bandwidth

    RX                    Receive

    RXLEV             Received signal level

    RXQUAL           Received Signal Quality

  • S

    S1AP                S1 Application Protocol

    S1-MME           S1 for the control plane

    S1-U                S1 for the user plane

    S-Block           Supervisory Block

    S-CCPCH         Secondary Common Control Physical Channel

    S-CPICH          Secondary Common Pilot Channel

    S-CSCF           Serving CSCF

    S-GW               Serving Gateway

    S-RNTI             SRNC Radio Network Temporary Identity

    S-TMSI            SAE Temporary Mobile Station Identifier

    SAAL               Signalling ATM Adaptation Layer

    SABM              Set Asynchronous Balanced Mode

    SACCH             Slow Associated Control Channel

    SACCH/C4       Slow Associated Control CHannel/SDCCH/4

    SACCH/C8       Slow Associated Control CHannel/SDCCH/8

    SACCH/T         Slow Associated Control CHannel/Traffic channel

    SACCH/TF       Slow Associated Control CHannel/Traffic channel Full rate

    SACCH/TH       Slow Associated Control CHannel/Traffic channel Half rate

    SAD                 Source Address

    SAE                 System Architecture Evolution

    SAP                 Service Access Point

    SAPI                 Service Access Point Identifier

    SAR                 Segmentation and Reassembly

    SAT                 SIM Application Toolkit

    SB                   Synchronization  Burst

    SBAS               Space Based Augmentation System

    SBLP               Service Based Local Policy

    SBSC               Serving Base Station Controller

    SBSS               Serving Base Station Subsystem

    SC                   Service Centre (used for SMS)

                            Service Code

    SC-FDMA        Single-Carrier Frequency Division Multiple Access

    SCCH               Synchronisation Control Channel

    SCCP               Signalling Connection Control Part

    SCell                Secondary Cell

    SCF                 Service Control Function (IN context), Service Capability Feature (VHE/OSA context)

    SCH                 Synchronisation Channel

    SCI                   Subscriber Controlled Input

    SCN                 Sub-Channel Number

    SCP                 Service Control Point

    SCTP               S Common Transport Protocol

    SCUDIF            Service Change and UDI/RDI Fallback

    SDCCH             Stand-Alone Dedicated Control Channel

    SDH                 Synchronous Digital Hierarchy

    SDL                 Specification Description Language

    SDMA              Spatial Division Multiple Access

    SDN                 Service Dialling Number

    SDP                 Service Discovery Protocol (Bluetooth related)

                            Session Description Protocol

    SDT                 SDL Development Tool

    SDU                 Service Data Unit

    SE                    Security Environment

                            Sending Entity

                            Support Entity

    SEF                  Support Entity Function

    SET                 SUPL Enabled Terminal

    SF                    Spreading Factor

    SFH                 Slow Frequency Hopping

    SFI                   Short EF Identifier

    SFN                 System Frame Number

    SGSN               Serving GPRS Support Node

    SHCCH             Shared Channel Control Channel

    SI                     Screening Indicator

                            Service Interworking

                            Supplementary Information (SIA = Supplemenatary Information A)

                            System Information

    SI-RNTI            System Information RNTI

    SIB                   System Information Block

    SIC                   Service Implementation Capabilities

    SID                   SIlence Descriptor

    SIM                  GSM Subscriber Identity Module

    SIP                   Session Initiated Protocol

    SIPTO              Selected IP Traffic Offload

    SIR                   Signal-to-Interference Ratio

    SLA                 Service Level Agreement

    SLP                  SUPL Location Platform

    SLPP                Subscriber LCS Privacy Profile

    SLR                  Send Loudness Rating

    SLTM               Signalling Link Test Message

    SM                   Session Management

                            Short Message

    SMDS               Switched Multimegabit Data Service

    SME                 Short Message Entity

    SMG                Special Mobile Group

    SMI                  Structure of Management Information (RFC 1155)

    SMLC               Serving Mobile Location Centre

    SMS                 Short Message Service

    SMS-CB           SMS Cell Broadcast

    SMS-PP           Short Message Service/Point-to-Point

    SMS-SC           Short Message Service - Service Centre

    Smt                  Short message terminal

    SN                   Serial Number

    Serving Network

    Sequence Number

                            Subscriber Number

    SNDCP             Sub-Network Dependent Convergence Protocol

    SNMP               Simple Network Management Protocol

    SNR                 Serial NumbeR

                            Signal-to-Noise Ratio

    SOA                 Suppress Outgoing Access (CUG SS)

    SoLSA             Support of Localised Service Area

    SON                 Self Organizing Networks

    SoR                  Steering of Roaming

    SP                    Switching Point

                            Service Provider

    SPC                 Signalling Point Code

                            Suppress Preferential CUG

    SPCK               Service Provider Control Key

    SPI                   Security Parameters Indication

    SQN                 Sequence number

    SR                    Scheduling Request

    SRB                 Signalling Radio Bearer

    SRES                Signed RESponse (authentication value returned by the SIM or by the USIM in 2G AKA)

    SRNC               Serving Radio Network Controller

    SRNS               Serving RNS

    SRS                  Sounding Reference Signal

    SS                    Supplementary Service

                            System Simulator

    SS7                  Signalling System No. 7

    SSC                 Secondary Synchronisation Code

                            Supplementary Service Control string

    SSCOP             Service Specific Connection Oriented Protocol

    SSCF               Service Specific Co-ordination Function

    SSCF-NNI        Service Specific Coordination Function – Network Node Interface

    SSCS               Service Specific Convergence Sublayer

    SSDT               Site Selection Diversity Transmission

    SSE                  Service Specific Entities

    SSF                  Service Switching Function

    SSN                 Sub-System Number

    SSSAR             Service Specific Segmentation and Re-assembly sublayer

    STC                 Signalling Transport Converter

    STMR               SideTone Masking Rating

    STP                 Signalling Transfer Point

    STTD               Space Time Transmit Diversity

    SuM                 Subscription Management

    SUPL               Secure User Plane Location

    SV                   Space Vehicle

    SVC                 Switched virtual circuit

    SVN                 Software Version Number

    SW                   Status Word


    SW1/SW2         Status Word 1/Status Word 2

  • T

    T-SGW            Transport Signalling Gateway

    T                     Timer


                            Type only

    TA                   Terminal Adaptation

                            Timing Advance

                            Tracking Area

    TAC                 Type Approval Code

    TAF                 Terminal Adaptation Function

    TAR                 Toolkit Application Reference

    TB                   Transport Block

    TBD                 To Be Defined

    TBF                 Temporary Block Flow

    TBR                 Technical Basis for Regulation

    TC                   Transaction Capabilities


                            Transmission Convergence

    TCH                 Traffic Channel

    TCH/F             A full rate TCH

    TCH/F2,4         A full rate data TCH (≤2,4kbit/s)

    TCH/F4,8         A full rate date TCH (4,8kbit/s)

    TCH/F9,6         A full rate data TCH (9,6kbit/s)

    TCH/FS           A full rate Speech TCH

    TCH/H             A half rate TCH

    TCH/H2,4         A half rate data TCH (≤2,4kbit/s)

    TCH/H4,8         A half rate data TCH (4,8kbit/s)

    TCH/HS           A half rate Speech TCH

    TC-TR             Technical Committee Technical Report

    TCI                  Transceiver Control Interface

    TCP                 Transmission Control Protocol

    TD-CDMA        Time Division-Code Division Multiple Access

    TDD                 Time Division Duplex(ing)

    TDMA              Time Division Multiple Access

    TDoc               Temporary Document

    TE                   Terminal Equipment

    TE9                  Terminal Equipment 9 (ETSI sub-technical committee)

    Tei                   Terminal endpoint identifier

    TEID                Tunnel End Point Identifier

    TF                   Transport Format

    TFA                 TransFer Allowed

    TFC                 Transport Format Combination

    TFCI                Transport Format Combination Indicator

    TFCS               Transport Format Combination Set

    TFI                   Transport Format Indicator

                            Temporary Flow Identity

    TFIN                Transport Format INdicator

    TFP                 TransFer Prohibited

    TFS                 Transport Format Set

    TFT                 Traffic Flow Template

    TI                     Transaction Identifier

    TLLI                 Temporary Logical Link Identity

    TLM                 TeLeMetry word

    TLS                 Transport Layer Security

    TLV                 Tag Length Value

    TM                   Telecom Management

                            Transparent Mode

    TMA                Tower Mounted Amplifier

    TMAAP            Tower Mounted Amplifier application part

    TMF                 Telecom Management Forum

    TMN                Telecom Management Network

    TMSI                Temporary Mobile Subscriber Identity

    TN                   Termination Node

                            Timeslot Number

    TNL                 Transport Network Layer

    TO                   Telecom Operations Map

    TOA                 Time of Arrival

    TON                 Type Of Number

    TP                   Third Party

    TPC                 Transmit Power Control

    TPDU               Transfer Protocol Data Unit

    TR                   Technical Report

    TRAU               Transcoder and Rate Adapter Unit

    TrCH                Transport Channel

    TRX                 Transceiver

    TS                   Technical Specification


                            Time Slot

    TSC                 Training Sequence Code

    TSDI                Transceiver Speech & Data Interface

    TSG                 Technical Specification Group

    TSN                 Time-Sensitive Networking

    TSTD               Time Switched Transmit Diversity

    TTCN               TTCN-2 or TTCN-3

    TTCN-2           Tree and Tabular Combined Notation version 2

    TTCN-3           Testing and Test Control Notation version 3

    TTI                  Transmission Timing Interval

    TUP                 Telephone User Part (SS7)

    TV                   Type and Value

    TX                   Transmit

    TXPWR             Transmit PoWeR; Tx power level in the MS_TXPWR_REQUEST and MS_TXPWR_CONF parameters