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MBSE Training Certification Courses: As technology escalates and systems become more involved, systems engineers have turned to Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) to manage the growing complexities.

MBSE is a holistic, systems engineering approach centered on the evolving system model, which serves as the “sole source of truth” about the system. It comprises system specification, design, validation and configuration management.

MBSE supports a modular approach for developing systems. With a modular system, the system is broken down into smaller “sections.” These smaller sections become much easier to reuse in other systems. As the design evolves, it is also easier to isolate the small sections so that they can be individually validated to catch problems sooner.

A product line shares a common group of base features with variable options to create different variants. Research shows that one of the main reasons companies turn to embedded software is to enable platform design. However, nearly half report that designing platform variants is a top challenge.

With MBSE, engineers can more easily assemble different reusable components to create unique models for each variant.

Systems engineering has embraced MBSE for its many desirable characteristics, including:

  • Promotes the use of open standards for architectural modeling and tool interoperability
  • Emphasizes a precise and complete System Architecture Model “blueprint”
  • Ensures that the System Architecture Model is architecture-centric 
  • Combines traditional Systems Engineering best practices with architecture modeling best practices
  • Ensure that the System Architecture Model is requirements-driven

Early-stage benefits of MBSE have been proven to accelerate iteration, promote low-risk exploration of new design ideas and facilitate simpler collaboration based on common understanding.

Long-term benefits have also proven to be useful. It’s not unusual for MBSE to not only enable next-generation traceability but also become a powerful tool for validation, verification, testing and change propagation.

MBSE Evolution

Another important feature of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is that it’s not static. In fact, many in the field believe MBSE is evolving before our eyes. Once a methodology built purely on system diagrams, today’s MBSE efforts have connected databases and unlocked an incredible potential for analysis.

To learn more about current and future MBSE applications, Tonex offers a dozen different MBSE courses that encompass both theoretical and practical material. For more information, questions, comments, contact us.

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