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MBSE Training Course

MBSE Training course covers all the principals, theories, and techniques associated with Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE).


  • Model: A simplified version of a concept, phenomenon, relationship, structure or system
  • MBSE: Model based systems engineering

Origin of MBSE

MBSE was first initiated at the INCOSE International Workshop in 2007. The idea was to promote, improve, and institutionalize the MBSE exercise in order to accomplish the MBSE 2020 Vision through extensively involving industry and academic:

  • Research
  • Standards
  • Processes, Practices, & Methods
  • Tools & Technology
  • Outreach, Training & Education

What is MBSE?

MBSE is the official usage of modeling to facilitate system requirements, design, analysis, verification, and validation activities. It can be applied in different stages of the process from the conceptual design phase throughout development and later life cycle phases.

In fact, MBSE is designed to substitute the document-based approach that has been used by systems engineers for years and to impact the future practice of systems engineering by completely assimilated into the definition of systems engineering processes.

MBSE Process Characteristics

  • Can be applied to any System or System-of-Systems
  • Not strictly enforced, but encouraged
  • Must be applied in a exact manner
  • Can scale up for projects with 100+ engineers
  • Must be adapted for Agile + Lean methods
  • Must select MBSE modeling tool that supports the targeted industry

Why MBSE is Important?

MBSE improves the capability to apprehend, assess, share, and manage the data relevant with the complete description of a product. The following are some of the benefits of MBSE:

  • Enhanced interaction between the development stakeholders
  • Improved capability to handle the system complexity by allowing a system model to be considered from multiple viewed, and to evaluate the effect of changes.
  • Better product quality by offering a clear and accurate model of the system that can be analyzed for reliability, correctness, and completeness.
  • Improved information gathering and reuse of the data by capturing information in more systematic ways and leveraging built in abstraction mechanisms inherent in model driven approaches. This in turn can result in shorter cycle time and lower maintenance costs to modify the design.
  • Enhanced capability to teach and learn systems engineering fundamentals by offering a clear demonstration of the concepts.

MBSE Tools

  • Functional flow and enhanced functional flows
  • N2
  • IDEF0
  • Physical block
  • Systems Engineering Solutions
  • Robust and agile analysis
  • Requirements definition through architecture to systems verification
  • End-to-end traceability
  • Extensive behavioral modeling representing control flow, function flow, and interface flow
  • System simulations
  • Behavioral models
  • Integrated Model-Based
  • Model Based Operational and System Architecture


MBSE training is a 4-day course designed for:

  • Product manager
  • Project director
  • R and D manager
  • Engineering manager
  • Systems engineer
  • Capability developer
  • Business analyst
  • Systems analyst
  • System architect
  • Enterprise architect
  • Software systems engineer
  • Software engineer
  • Design engineer
  • Hardware engineer
  • Project engineer
  • LSA specialist
  • Industrial engineer

What Will You Learn?

Below are the major topics covered by this training (more details can be found HERE):

  • Overview
  • The System Life Cycle and Solution Development
  • Systems Engineering Processes: Principles, Concepts and Components
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Development of the System Physical Solution Description (Synthesis)
  • Development of the System Logical Solution (MBSE in Design)
  • What is A Model?
  • Model-Based Systems Engineering
  • MBSE Definitions & Advantages
  • INCOSE Systems Engineering Vision 2020
  • MBSE Methodologies
  • MBSE Modeling Language Standards
  • MBSE Software Tools
  • Lean Engineering
  • Hands-On activities
  • TONEX MBSE Hands-On Workshop Sample

MBSE Training Course

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