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Microgrid Certification Training, Microgrid Certificate

The Microgrid Certification Training, Microgrid Certificate helps you to understand the fundamentals of the microgrids, their operation and control as well as energy management principles applied to the microgrids. This certificate is divided into three main topics in microgrids which will help engineers and scientists to prepare themselves with the skills and required confidence to meet their organization’s needs or position themselves for their job responsibilities and promotions.  Our experts at TONEX will help you to understand the fundamental concepts of micro grids in order to tackle the real-world challenges. The micro gird certificate consists of four major topics:

  • Introduction to Microgrids
  • Microgrid operation and control
  • Energy management systems in Microgrids

The first part of this certificate briefly introduces the concept of microgrids, background of renewable energy sources as the main components of a microgrid, history of renewable energy sources, advantages of microgrids and transmission system implemented in microgrids. Furthermore, you will be introduced to the basic per unit systems applied to microgrids, different types of microgrids, main operating modes in a microgrid such as: islanded mode and grid connected mode.  To add more details to the microgrids, you will learn the basics of solar panels, wind farms and energy storage systems three main components of a microgrid in detail. For each part, the operation basics, and main components will be briefly introduced and recent advancement will be taught. For example, main components of a wind farm generation unit such as: wind generators, wind turbines, towers, and foundations will be introduced and power converters implemented for each device will be discusses briefly. By the end of the first part, the audience are supposed to understand the basics of microgrid operation and should be able to understand the solar photovoltaic panels, wind farms, and battery energy storage systems.

The second part of the Microgrid Certification Training, Microgrid certificate training focuses on operation and control of microgrids from basic traditional approaches to the advanced hierarchical control of microgrids.  Firstly, basics of microgrid control will be introduced and different control modes in islanded mode and grid connected operation mode of the microgrid will be discussed.

You will also learn the power elecrtronic converter control, classifications and operation, operation principles of wind farms, PV, energy storage, concept of offshore wind farms, and maximum power point tracking in microgrids. Next our instructors will focus on two separate operating modes in a microgrid (islanded and grid connect) and will describe the different control methodologies applied to each mode so far. For example, effect of voltage dips in islanded mode active power control in islanded/grid connected mode, supporting the voltage and frequency in grid connected mode, parallel operation of converters in islanded/grid connected mode, concept of droop control in islanded mode, reactive power sharing in grid connected mode, and low voltage ride through capability of converters in grid connected mode are covered in the second part. Finally, the advanced control methodology named as hierarchical control of microgrid will be introduced and concepts of primary, secondary and tertiary controllers will be discussed in detail.

The third part of Microgrid Certification Training, Micro grid certificate training covers the energy management system (EMS) in microgrids . Firstly, the definitions and common terms will be provided to describe the concept of EMS. Then, the audience will be introduced with the main topics of EMS in microgrids such as: Data forecasting in microgrid EMS, DG scheduling, load dispatch, photovoltaic effect in EMS, effect of fuel cells in microgrid EMS, and optimization platform for microgrids.  After introduction part, our instructors will go into the details of EMS architecture and control in microgrids. You will learn the centralized and decentralized EMS techniques, market operator, local controllers, effect of real time data in centralized EMS, communication advancement in EMS, exchanging the price information between multiple DGs, advantages and disadvantages of microgrid EMS, forecasting the data for EMS, optimizing the power flow optimizing the EMS policies and voltage and frequency control in short term microgrid EMS. Finally, the audience will be introduced to the challenges in the microgrid EMS such as renewable energy intermittency, network latency, and reliability of communications, two way communication challenges, and cyber security in centralized and decentralized microgrid EMS.

Who Should Attend?

The Micro grid certificate training is a 3-day course designed for:

  • All engineers who wants to learn, design, or operate the micro grids
  • Power traders to understand the modern microgrid technologies.
  • Independent system operator personnel.
  • Faculty members from academic institutes who want to teach the renewable energy or micro grid courses.
  • Investors and contractors who plan to make investments in smart grid industry.
  • Professionals in other energy industries.
  • Marketing people who need to know the background of the products they sell.
  • Electric utility personnel who recently started career in power systems or having new job responsibilities related to micro grids.
  • Technicians, operators, and maintenance personnel who are or will be working at green energy based companies.
  • Managers, accountants, and executives of power system industry.
  • Scientist or non-electrical engineers involved in micro grid related projects or proposals.
  • Graduate students seeking a professional career in micro grids

What Will You Learn?

Below are the major topics will be covered in the Microgrid certificate training course (detailed outline can be found under the full course description):

  • Introduction to microgrids
  • Microgrid operation
  • Microgrid main components
  • Energy management systems in microgrids


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