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MIL-PRF-19500 Training Workshop

MIL-PRF-19500 Training Workshop, is a 2-day MIl PRF 19500 Training Workshop covering general performance requirements for semiconductor devices.

Participants will learn about:

  • The general performance requirements for semiconductor devices.
  • Product assurance is provided by effective screening, conformance inspection, and process controls to mitigate risk.
  • Mission assurance and standardization of parts
  • Details of projects and program of semiconductor devices the military and space community can rely on to be dependable and available.
  • Detail requirements and characteristics are specified in the specification sheets.
  • Revisions to this specification and specification sheets structures to assure the interchangeability of devices of the same part type regardless of
    manufacturing date code or conformance inspection (CI) completion date.
  • quality levels for encapsulated devices
  • Prefixes JAN, JANTX, JANTXV, and JANS
  • Eight radiation hardness assurance (RHA) levels are provided for the JANTXV and JANS quality levels.
  • M, D, P, L, R, F, G, and H following the quality level portion of the prefix.
  • Two quality levels for unencapsulated devices are provided for in this specification, differentiated by the prefixes JANHC and JANKC.
  • Performance requirement and verification methods for semiconductor devices.
  • Quality Management (QM) Program.
  • Verification system for qualified products.

For Detailed Course Agenda, CLICK HERE.

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