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Mobile App Development Certificate Training Course

Mobile App Development Certificate Training Course: Mobile application development is all about the processes and procedures involved in writing software for small, wireless computing devices such as smartphones or tablets.

One might call this the mobile app generation. In 2016, about one in five small to medium businesses had a mobile app built. More revealing statistics:

  • Mobile apps account for over half of all time spent consuming digital media.
  • Smartphone users spend about 90 percent of their mobile time on apps.
  • About 85 percent of consumers prefer native mobile apps over a mobile website.
  • Mobile apps account for 42 percent of all mobile sales for Fortune 500 companies.
  • Revenue from mobile apps is predicted to be $189 billion in 2020, up from $88 billion just two years ago.
  • The average consumer has about 30 apps installed on his device and spends about 35 hours a month using them.

Mobile app development has a lifecycle, much like lifecycles in systems engineering projects. For the mobile app developer, there are generally eight stages to this lifecycle:

  1. Discovery and market search
  2. Establishing mobile app objectives
  3. Wireframes and storyboards
  4. Defining the backend of your mobile app
  5. Finalize wireframe and test prototype
  6. Developing the app
  7. More testing
  8. Preparing for launch

Tools for mobile app development are many. Using a cross-platform mobile application development tool can help you save a lot of time and money, as long as the user interface (UI) of the app is updated to match each system.

There are several app building platforms that are popular, including Xamarin, which is the preferred choice for native applications, and Appcelerator, which accelerates the app development process by allowing developers to create apps with fewer lines of code. PhoneGap can be used for creating a single app that works on all mobile devices. Then there’s Sencha Touch, which allows a high level of responsiveness for the development of apps. Ionic is an HTML5 mobile app development framework that is widely used for creating hybrid mobile applications.

In the future, it’s expected that a majority of mobile application development efforts will focus on creating browser-based applications that are device-agnostic, that is, apps that are generalized so that they are  interoperable among various systems.  Browser-based applications are simply websites that are built for mobile browsers. Such sites are built to load quickly over a cellular network and have finger-friendly navigation.

Mobile App Development Certificate Training Course

Tonex offers Mobile App Development Certificate Training, an extremely comprehensive 5-day course where participants learn to develop fantastic mobile apps for iOS, Windows and Android systems.

Who Should Attend

Both professionals and beginners in the mobile app development industry. This includes:

  • Mobile app developers and software engineers
  • Project managers and business analysts working with mobile application development
  • Team members or stakeholders involved in mobile application design and development
  • Business analysts, functional managers, project managers, developers and testers
  • System administrators, engineers who want to learn mobile app development
  • Vendors who will develop mobile apps
  • Investors and contractors who plan to make investments in mobile app industry.

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Why Tonex?

  • Reasonably priced classes taught by the best trainers is the reason all kinds of organizations from Fortune 500 companies to government’s most important agencies return for updates in courses and hands-on workshops.
  • Participants receive both knowledge and hands-on training from expert instructors with real world experience.
  • Tonex has been presenting technology and management training courses and seminars for individuals and organizations since 1993.
  • Ratings tabulated from student feedback post-course evaluations show an amazing 98 percent satisfaction score.

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