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Mobile App Development Certificate Training

Mobile App Development Certificate Training is designed by TONEX in order to help you develop mobile applications (apps), learn basics of mobile app development in different platforms including iOS, Android and Windows and finally provides you with the sufficient knowledge to debug your mobile app development process and improve the reliability and usability of the designed app.

Mobile App Development Certificate Training

Why Mobile App Development Is So Popular?

Mobile Devices of all types are pouring into organizations across the world and every single individual where computers no longer play as important role as mobile devices for daily needs. For example, it is handier to use mobile devices in order to pay credit cards, buy products online, or communicate with other people. Mobile business heavily relies on custom software and mobile app developers have to build applications for all types of mobile platforms including Android, iOS, or Windows. It is not easy to learn all the different coding languages and building apps is a time consuming and boring process.

Need for App Developers

There is a huge need for mobile app developers as more diverse devices with different operating systems are being released every year, it is especially critical to develop mobile apps that work across a variety of platforms. Therefore, a key point for an app developer to succeed is to understand all the material needed for mobile app development for different platforms and apply the knowledge to real world application phase. A professional app developer is supposed to understand the basics of Java, C#, HTML and Objective-C (Recently Swift Programming) in order to be able to design an app which works with all the platforms.

How to Design a Perfect Mobile App?

Before starting to develop mobile apps, you should ask yourself what a mobile app looks like. This starts with a thorough understanding of basics of mobile app development, users who you are designing app for, expectations of your app users, what the objectives of your app are. Once you figure out these, you can start up a plan and begin to develop your app. No matter how beautiful your app is, the content of your app decides how useful your app is. You want to learn how design an app that not only works for all platforms but also is professionally designed and will be sold easily? Try Mobile App Development Certificate Training which covers all material a mobile app developer needs to know in order to design a general app working for all platforms.

Why Us?

TONEX has served the industry and academia with high quality conferences, seminars, workshops, and exclusively designed courses in mobile app development area for decades. Our instructors are professionals in application development with years of academic and industry experience who can help you to understand every single component required for mobile application development through simple examples and hands on training.

Our instructors at TONEX will help you to understand the history and basics of mobile apps, interface usability, information technology ethics, object oriented programming, basics of Java programming for mobile systems, basics of HTML5 programming for mobile systems, basics of Swift and Objective-C for iPhone mobile app development, android application development, windows application development, iOS application development and 3D application development.

By taking Mobile App Development Certificate Training, you will be able to design applications for iOS, Android, Windows or any other platforms, understand and debug the issues or challenges related to app development, the costs related to design, and differentiate the mobile app development programming tools and languages in order to get the best results.

Learn especially about application programming interface (API) for iOS, Android and Windows systems, user interface (UI) design for different platforms, apply animations to your mobile apps, and interactive application design techniques.

Mobile App Development Certificate Training also provides you with a lot of hands on experiences and workshops and app development tutorial tools to give you a real experience of app development and design for different mobile operating systems.


Mobile App Development Certificate Training is a 5-day course designed for:

  • Mobile app developers and software engineers
  • Project managers and business analysts working with mobile application development
  • Team members or stakeholders involved in mobile application design and development
  • Business analysts, functional managers, project managers, developers and testers
  • System administrators, engineers who want to learn mobile app development
  • Vendors who will develop mobile apps
  • Investors and contractors who plan to make investments in mobile app industry.

What will you learn?

Below are the main topics covered by Mobile App Development Certificate Training:

  • Mobile App Development Introduction
  • Interface Usability
  • Information Technology Ethics
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Basics of Java Programming for Mobile Systems
  • Basics of HTML5 and CSS3 for Mobile Programming
  • Basics of Swift and Objective-C for iOS
  • Android Application Development
  • Android Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Windows Application Development
  • iOS Application Development
  • 3D Application Development
  • Hands On, Workshops and Group Activities
  • Sample Workshops and Labs for Mobile App Development Certificate

 Mobile App Development Certificate Training

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