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Mobile users are one of the most active consumers. Some estimates have smartphone users touching their phones nearly 3,000 times a day and spending nearly two and a half hours a day on their mobile phones. Smartphone shipment worldwide is expected to cross 1.6 billion by 2020.

If this isn’t the golden age of mobile app development, it’s awfully close to it. There’s an estimated 12 million mobile app developers – and they still can’t keep up with demand for new apps.

That’s because developing a mobile app is not a quick process and requires a specific skill set. These skills should include five basics:

  1. Creativity — Developers need to think creatively about how users incorporate their mobile devices into their lives, and then create easy to use applications.
  2. Analytical Skills – Analyzing the way people use their mobile devices is crucial for developing a usable app.
  3. Being Able To Communicate – In order to give instructions to team members and explain apps to non-technical personnel, developers should have both oral and written communication capabilities.
  4. Ability As a Problem Solver – Developers need to recognize problems and understand how to resolve them.
  5. An Aptitude for Programming Languages – It is useful to know multiple programming languages in addition to Objective-C for Apple iOS and Java for Android.

A successful mobile app developer is also aware of the top characteristics that make for winning mobile apps. These include:

  • Adapts to a user’s needs
  • Outstanding UI (User Interface)
  • Compatibility with a mobile program
  • Loads fast with exceptional performance
  • Helpful customer support

The benefits of mobile apps for businesses are considerable. An excellent app builds customer loyalty, reinforces brand and connects a business with the mobile consumer. Additionally, apps for businesses increase company visibility, accessibility and sell-through.

Mobile App Development Training

Tonex offers 17 courses in mobile app development training including the 4-day Mobile App Development Training course and the 5-day Mobile App Development Certification Training course.

These courses are designed for students, designers, vendors, project managers, testers, business analysists, mobile app developers and software engineers as well as investors and contractors who plan to make investments in the mobile app industry.

The Tonex Way

–Tonex has been presenting technology and management training courses and seminars for individuals and organizations since 1993.

–Reasonably priced classes taught by the best trainers is the reason all kinds of organizations from Fortune 500 companies to government’s most important agencies return for updates in courses and hands-on workshops

–Ratings tabulated from student feedback post-course evaluations show an amazing 98 percent satisfaction score.

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