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Mobile Application Development Training Crash Course Workshop

Mobile Application Development Training Crash Course: Mobile app development is more of a journey than a one-stop process involving a very specialized skill set to produce a high quality product that is useful, desired and secure.

Ask 20 people the best way to develop an app, and you will likely receive 20 different answers. However, in truth, there are certain expectations that a mobile app developer is expected to fulfill in each stage of the development cycle.

Some tips on building a better app:

  1. Always think web service – In developing cross-platform apps, some developers recommend building your code to be completely abstracted, as if it was a local web service. In other words, make all of your programming logic completely independent from the screens or even the platform in which it will run, so all of your programming modules are platform-agnostic and, most important, reusable across platforms. Then build the native user interfaces, which will consume these “local Web services.” Using this architecture, you can make sure all the user interface code is completely decoupled from the logic, and both can flow independently.
  2. Work with your design team — If you’re a programmer with a graphic artist in your team, learn to work with the designers and educate them. Help them understand that each platform has a native way of displaying information, laying out screens and implementing navigation.
  3. Don’t let mobile be an afterthought — When it comes to mobile strategy, think big. Do not view your mobile application as just another screen or else you will not be able to make any waves with it. If you see it as just another screen, the impression you manage to produce probably will not be one you are looking for.
  4. Provide offline functionality — Even though the internet is nearly accessible everywhere, it is still important that your app can function well offline. Access to features and content offline provides a significant advantage and allows you to continue fostering a positive user experience which is essential for app.
  5. Maintain high performance — Performance is one of the biggest predictors of mobile app success. Poor app performance can lead to a negative user experience costing you downloads, revenue and brand perception.
  6. Test, and test again – If you have a cross-platform app with both cross-platform and platform-specific code and components, make sure to test often. Don’t spend days working on the Android version, then finally run it on iOS and discover the object positions are off, the fonts need adjusting, or the app simply crashes on load. By testing often, if something breaks on one platform, you can immediately identify the problem.

Mobile Application Development Training Crash Course Workshop

Tonex offers Mobile App Development Training Crash Course, a 4-day class where participants learn about fundamentals of HTML, Java and C# needed for mobile application development, how to debug challenges in your design, iOS key features needed to design apps for iPhone or iPads, how to create apps using maps, games, camera or cloud.

Who Should Attend

  • Mobile app developers and software engineers
  • Project managers and business analysts working with mobile application development
  • Team members or stakeholders involved in mobile application design and development
  • Business analysts, functional managers, project managers, developers and testers
  • System administrators, engineers who want to learn mobile app development
  • Vendors who will develop mobile apps
  • Investors and contractors who plan to make investments in mobile app industry.

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Tonex also offers the 5-day Mobile App Development Certificate Training and 4-day iOS Training – iOS App Development Training course as well as more than a dozen other related courses.

Why Tonex?

  • Ratings tabulated from student feedback post-course evaluations show an amazing 98 percent satisfaction score.
  • Presenting highly customized learning solutions is what we do. For over 30 years Tonex has worked with organizations in improving their understanding and capabilities in topics often with new development, design, optimization, regulations and compliances that, frankly, can be difficult to comprehend.
  • Participants receive both knowledge and hands-on training from expert instructors with real world experience.
  • Reasonably priced classes taught by the best trainers is the reason all kinds of organizations from Fortune 500 companies to government’s most important agencies return for updates in courses and hands-on workshops.

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