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Mobile Ethical Hacking Training

Mobile Ethical Hacking Training: Mobile devices are particularly prone to cybercrime. Mobile device deployments introduce new threats to organizations, including advanced malware, data leakage, and the disclosure to attackers of enterprise secrets, intellectual property and personally identifiable information assets.

Cyber criminals are constantly finding new ways to compromise mobile devices, and one of the ways involves finding security weaknesses within operating systems such as Android and iOS, which can then be used to gain control of these devices.

Further complicating matters, there simply are not enough people with the security skills needed to identify and manage secure mobile phone and tablet deployments.

This is why mobile ethical hackers can prove to be a valuable asset to an organization.

An ethical hacker is an information security expert who systematically attempts to penetrate a computer system, network, application or other computing resource on behalf of its owners to find security vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could potentially exploit.

An ethical hacker uses techniques similar to what a cybercriminal might use to penetrate an organization’s data information.

An ethical hacker’s job description might look like this:

  • Monitor a company to understand what data is created or collected and where any sensitive data resides
  • Test existing defenses to see if there is a way through. This could be via open ports or finding out of date security patches
  • Go through physical and digital bins for charts, passwords and any sensitive data that can be used to launch an attack – otherwise known as dumpster diving
  • Look over someone’s shoulder (shoulder surfing) to view what they are typing, which could be sensitive information such as credit card details

Essentially, a mobile ethical hacker evaluates the security of mobile devices, effectively assess and identify flaws in mobile applications, and conduct a mobile device penetration test — all critical skills to protect and defend mobile device deployments.

All mobile device vulnerabilities are documented by ethical hackers who also provide advice about how to remediate them so organizations can strengthen their overall security.

Ethical hackers generally find security exposures in insecure system configurations, known and unknown hardware or software vulnerabilities as well as operational weaknesses in process or technical countermeasures.

Any organization that has a network connected to the internet or provides an online service should consider subjecting it to penetration testing, which simulates what could happen to your mobile device if it falls into the wrong hands.

Mobil Ethical Hacking Training

Tonex offers a 4-day course, Mobile Ethical Hacking | Mobile Applications and Device Security Workshop, designed and created to introduce mobile device security basic principles, mobile network architecture, mobile app development, policy and enforcement rules, mobile code analysis, penetration testing and mobile ethical hacking.

Who Should Attend

IT professionals, students and just about anyone who specializes in cybersecurity or has a significant interest in cybersecurity.

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Why Choose Tonex?

  • Ratings tabulated from student feedback post-course evaluations show an amazing 98 percent satisfaction score.
  • Tonex trainers are excellent with real life experiences in their areas of specialization.
  • Presenting highly customized learning solutions is what we do. For over 30 years Tonex has worked with organizations in improving their understanding and capabilities in topics often with new development, design, optimization, regulations and compliances that, frankly, can be difficult to comprehend.

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