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Modeling and Simulation of RF Systems  Training

Modeling and Simulation RF Systems  training course covers modern RF and radar systems  modeling and simulation. RF and radar systems are highly complex and the complexity continues to increase due to higher frequency RF and microwave bands, advanced modulation schemes, multiple protocols and standards, as well as additional functionality such as  navigation aids and Electric Warfare.

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To have short and reliable RF and radar systems, efficient verification methods and tools are necessary. Modeling and simulation need to accompany the RF design steps from the specification to the overall system verification in order to bridge the gaps between RF system specification, RF system simulation, and RF circuit level simulation.
The focus of Modeling and Simulation for RF and radar System Design lies on RF and radar specific modeling and simulation methods and the consideration of system and circuit level descriptions.
Modeling and Simulation for RF System Design is addressed to industrial professionals, engineers, technicians, special forces who are engaged in RF and Radar system design and want to gain insight into the system structure by own modeling and simulation experiences.
Learn how to develop techniques for RF and radar modeling & simulation: modern RF systems, Microwave, Satellite and Radars to apply to systems analysis, design, test, verification and validation, and evaluation and performance assessment. Begin with the RF and radar and mathematical equations, then extend modeling & simulation to introduce general various RF and Radar subsystems and channels (transmitters, receivers, channels, propagation and antennas).

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