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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Architectural Framework (NAF) is designed for developing architectures that provide a means to model, understand, analyze and specify Capabilities, Resources, Systems, Systems of Systems (SoS), Services, Acquisitions, and Business Processes.

NAF may be applied across a wide variety of processes including capability management, acquisition, operational analysis, planning and through-life management.

NAF v4 specifies that NAF-compliant architectures can be creating using the following meta-models:

  • The Object Management Group’s (OMG’s) Unified Architect Framework (UAF) DMM, or
  • The Open Group’s ArchiMate metamodel

In System Architect, NAF 4 is provided using the UAF underlying metamodel, which is itself based on the DoDAF 2.02 DDM – the DM2, with additions to incorporate metamodel concepts of NAF 3, MODAF 1.2, and the Canadian DNDAF 1.7.

The aim of the NATO Architecture Framework Version 4 (NAFv4) is to provide a standard for developing and describing architectures for both military and business use. 1.3 Objectives 1.3.1 The objectives of the framework are many, such as:

  • Provide a way to organize and present architectures to stakeholders
  • Specify the guidance, rules, and product descriptions for developing and presenting architecture information
  • Ensure a common approach for understanding, comparing, and integrating architectures
  • Act as a key enabler for acquiring and fielding cost-effective and interoperable capabilities
  • Align with architecture references produced by international standard bodies (International Standards Organization (ISO), Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), The Open Group (TOG), Object Management Group (OMG) etc.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers NAF Training, a 2-day course that provides guidance on describing communication and information systems (or C3 systems) through architectures and provides the rules, guidance, and templates for developing and presenting architecture descriptions to ensure a common denominator for understanding, comparing, and integrating architectures in NATO.

NAF training provides the attendees with details of NATO Architecture Framework and its applications using real world scenarios and case studies. A detailed Transition Guidance from NAF v3 to NAF v4 and concepts behind Unified Architecture Framework (UAF) is provided.

Additionally, this course provides a rigorous method for understanding, analyzing, and specifying: Capabilities, Systems, Systems of Systems (SoS), Organizational Structures, Business Processes and more.

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