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Negotiation Skills Training Course for Women

Negotiation skills training course for women covers the techniques, skills, and tools women need in order to have a successful negotiation.

Negotiation Skills for Women

Why Women Need Negotiation Skills Training?

You probably hear a lot this statement from politicians and media that “investing in women is the solution to the world’s most controversial problems”, yet women still earn less, and are offered top management positions at a significantly lower rate than men. While there is a cultural reasons for this, women also have shown they negotiate drastically less over what they need or want than their male counterparts. Negotiation skills training course for women teaches female professionals to explore negotiation approaches to boost their own intelligence. We also teach you the psychology and cognitive biases that can lead to “gendered” negotiations.

Negotiation skills training course for women is a fun, interactive, and dynamic class where you not only learn the theoretical methods of negotiation but also get to practice them in simulated negotiation scenarios in the class with your class mates. We will design a negotiation situation where you will play the negotiator. The goal would be for you to practice to win the negotiation or get the best deal out of it.

Communication Skills

One of the main steps towards a successful negotiation is developing effective communication skills. Negotiation skills training course for women will teach you:

  • Active listening
    • Hear what is said AND what is meant
    • Take your time to understand what exactly others say
  • Effective speaking
    • Know what to say, where to say it, and when to say it
    • Know your audience before you say anything
    • Be to the point
    • Don’t get off track
    • Try to make your point in the first two minutes
  • Body language
  • Emotional framing
    • Capture positive messages
    • Eliminate negative messages
  • Do not be passive
    • Express your views, feelings, and opinions
    • Don’t let others disregard your views
    • Don’t sacrifice yourself to accommodate others
    • Confrontation if necessary
    • Don’t get stuck in your comfort zone
    • Don’t let others make decisions for you
    • Don’t expect others to know what you want or mean
  • Do not be aggressive
    • Don’t spend at others’ expense
    • Don’t override others’ wishes, feelings, or views
    • Never think your needs are more important
    • Never express yourself in unsuitable, inappropriate ways
    • Don’t abuse others verbally or physically
    • Don’t use authoritarian words frequently
  • Do not be passive-aggressive
    • Don’t respond indirectly or try to control others by manipulation
    • Don’t make others feel guilty or awkward to get what you want
    • Never use hypocritical flattery, irony, barbed humour
    • Don’t appear to think highly of yourself but disapprove underneath
    • Don’t use silence as an intimidation strategy
  • Be assertive
  • The 3-step appropriate responding process
    1. Declare your understanding of the other party’s need.
    2. Express your feelings and respond to the request.
    3. Suggest an alternative course of action
  • Manage the conflict
    • Remain calm
    • Be positive
    • Address issues not personalities
    • Respect the other’s point of view
    • Be certain of your facts
    • Stay away from exaggeration
    • Express what your need
    • Suggest a resolution in which everyone gains something

Learn About

  • Negotiation behaviors
  • Developing range and alternatives
  • The why, what, how, when
  • Practicing with role plays
  • How to use your allies
  • Managing conflicts
  • Negotiation process
  • Formal negotiations
  • Listening skills
  • Powerful questions
  • Training concessions
  • Gender-biased negotiations
  • Expanding your power with both genders
  • Negotiations styles
  • Stereotypical conflicts
  • Win-win strategy
  • Models for success


Negotiation skills training course for women is a 2-day course designed for female professionals in all different kinds of jobs and workplaces, from engineering, science, healthcare, marketing, design and art, IT, business, and any other job. This hands-on training is specifically ideal for female leaders and executives.

What Will You Learn?

Below are the major topics negotiation skills training course for women covers (more details can be found under the full course description):

  • Overview of Negotiation
  • Negotiation Terminology
  • Types of Negotiations
  • The Collective Bargaining Process
  • Plan Ahead Your Negotiation
  • Characteristics of Influential People
  • How to Influence Others
  • Communication Skills
  • Factors of Success
  • Some Negotiation Tips

Negotiation Skills Training Course for Women

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