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 DoDAF Training Applied to SoS

DoDAF Training Applied to SoS is a Introduction to SoS Operational Test and DoDAF is a new training course focusing on SoS Operational Test and DoDAF viewpoints.
This DoDAF applied SoS Operational Test and Evaluation training workshop provides participants with a solid foundation for applying DoDAF and Model-Based Systems Engineering principles and System of Systems (SoS) Operational Test (OT) and Evaluation best practices. DoD Architecture Framework 2.02 (DoDAF 2.02) standard framework workshop style 3-day training helps participants with architecting Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) problems in the system of Systems (SoS) environment.
Learn about:

  • Operational Testing with DoDAF 2.02 Viewpoints: From Basics to System-of-Systems
  • System-of-Systems Capabilities
  • System of Systems (SoS) operational test methodology and supporting DoDAF Viewpoint
  • Acquisition DoDAF Viewpoints applied to strategy, business, operation and the technical capabilities to facilitate SoS test
  • Joint Battle Management Command and Control (JBMC2) roadmap using DoDAF 2.02 Viewpoints
  • Joint Theatre System of Systems capability gap analysis
  • System of Systems Network-centric warfare
  • Single Integrated Air Picture (SIAP)
  • system-of-systems requirements for test and training integration mapped to DoDAF Viewpoints

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