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OpenStack Training Crash Course

OpenStack Training Crash Course will teach attendees the IaaS, OpenStack proof-of-concept, features, architecture, core services such as identity (Keystone), block storage (Cinder), image (Glance), networking (Neutron), compute and controller (Nova), dashboard (Horizon).

Understand OpenStack and its components

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Learn about:

  • OpenStack Features
  • OpenStack architecture and components
  • OpenStack Cloud Platform components
  • Dashboard
  • Neutron
  • Heat
  • Compute: Nova
  • Storage: Swift
  • Image Registry/Delivery: Glance
  • Network Management: Quantum/Melange
  • Block Storage: Cinder
  • WebUI: Horizon
  • Authentication: Keystone
  • Billing Service: Ceilometer
  • Cloud Template: Heat
  • OpenStack Common: OSLO
  • Message Queue Service
  • AMQP (Advanced Message Queue Protocol)
  • Common libraries of shared infrastructure code in OpenStack
  • OpenStack Compute hypervisors
  • KVM, LXC, QEMU, XEN, VMWARE & moreOpenStack services
  • Identity Management
  • Image Management
  • Network Management
  • Instance Management
  • Telemetry
  • Orchestration
  • AWS CloudFormation
  • Heat Orchestration
  • OpenStack installation
  • Troubleshooting and monitoring

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