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OTT TV Training Course by TONEX, for the complete course description CLICK HERE

TONEX OTT TV Training is a unique training course covers all aspects of OTT technology, operations and business models. OTT TV Training is designed for anyone who is involved in OTT TV technology or business specially for newcomers.

Learn why as communications and entertainment needs have gone mobile and social, more and more consumers have increasingly relied on internet-delivered video for viewing TV shows, sport events and and on-demand movies using OTT technologies.

The growth in video traffic across the Internet is a challenge and a huge opportunity for operators dealing with content consumers. Delivery of services from the content providers could be handled by traditional CDNs that deliver “Over The Top” of operator networks.

Over-the-top (OTT) video delivery involves digital video programming via the open internet rather.

Delivering a differentiated Quality of Experience (QoE) and satisfied subscribers brings additional revenue opportunities with OTT video offerings.


ott tv training

OTT TV Training covers many topics including:

  • Principles behind Over the Top (OTT)
  • What is OTT TV?
  • OTT TV vs. IPTV and Cable
  • Broadcast
  • Pay TV
  • Cable, satellite, and telco operators
  • TV and Video on Demand (VOD)
  • OTT ecosystems
  • OTT delivery
  • Direct to consumers from content originators
  • Video aggregators
  • OTT technologies and strategies
  • OTT technology overview
  • OTT video providers
  • Aggregators
  • Business Models
  • Pay-TV service models
  • TV and Video market and consumer drivers
  • On-demand, live TV and video service models
  • Role of broadcasters vs. ISPs
  • The OTT model
  • Connected CE and device ecosystems
  • Video distribution channels
  • Key OTT technology issues
  • Video quality
  • OTT and multiscreen technologies
  • OTT security
  • OTT and CDNs
  • High video quality under constrained bandwidth
  • Quality of Experience (QoE)
  • QoS and QoE in OTT TV
  • Managed versus unmanaged video delivery
  • OTT video delivery
  • OTT Adaptive Streaming
  • Content delivery networks
  • Over the top video delivery
  • The state of OTT content delivery
  • OTT streaming
  • Overview of ABR
  • Video formats and protocols
  • Encoding and decoding of video content for OTT TV
  • 264/AVC vs. H.265/HEVC
  • Evolution toward standardized OTT-capable video formats
  • Multiscreen video security
  • Ad insertion
  • Ad Insertion and Playlists
  • OTT advertising platforms
  • Multi screen video delivery
  • Second screens as an advertising platform
  • OTT Ad Insertion Ecosystem
  • Digital Ad Insertion business models
  • Distributing 4k OTT content
  • Challenges to distributing 4k OTT content
  • Payments
  • Licensing challenges of OTT
  • Local content OTT Schemes
  • Big Data on OTT advertising strategies
  • New Pay TV revenue models
  • Monetizing the OTT release of content
  • Cloud DVR in the Pay TV
  • Pay TV broadcaster in OTT

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