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Phased-Array Radar Systems Engineering Training

Phased-Array Radar Systems Engineering Training is a 3-day training covering phased-array radar system design fundamentals, advanced concepts, trade-offs for design, performance analysis, operation and maintenance and more. Learn about relationship and mapping between mission-level requirements and specific hardware and software requirements and capabilities applied to phased-array radar systems.

Phased-Array Radar Systems Engineering Training Highlights:

  • Review of  the key radar theory fundamentals and key concepts behind Phased-Array Radar
  • Review of Phased-Array Radar systems engineering, major radar subsystems, components, and functions including search, track and target classification
  • Review of performance-driven radar requirements, mission-driven requirements and performance predictions
  • Describe in-depth coverage of radar data processing algorithms and resource management and waveform scheduling
  •  Reference architectures for modern phased-array radars

Topics Covered:

  • Basics of Systems Engineering
  • Radar 101
  • Target Detection
  • Waveforms, Matched Filtering, and Radar Signal Processing
  • Search and Acquisition Functions
  • Estimation, Tracking, and Data Association
  • Target Classification, Discrimination, and Identification
  • Data Processing Algorithms for Phased-Array Radars
  • Interference Suppression Techniques
  • Phased-Array Radar Systems Engineering and Architectures
  • Fundamental Radar Design Trade-Offs
  • Performance-Driven Radar Requirements
  • Missile Defense Radar Design Considerations
  • Early Warning Radar Design Considerations
  • Air Defense Radar Design Considerations
  • Predicted Performance of Phased-Array Radars


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