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DO-200A is the standard used to develop, support implementation, and assess change of data processing quality assurance and data quality management – DO-200B is a modest upgrade to DO-200A.

It’s important to ensure the quality and integrity of aeronautical data throughout the entire data handling process. DO-200B’s increased focus on data security, tool qualification, and expanded definitions/clarity helps to ensure that minimum standards are met. It’s also important to note that both DO-200A and DO-200B require planning, validation, and verification to ensure data integrity, with shared responsibility between data suppliers and users. Overall, DO-200A and DO-200B provide clear but flexible guidance on ensuring aeronautical data sanctity.

DO-200A and DO-200B provide guidance for the entire chain of aeronautical data usage, from inception to feedback. They define data quality requirements and provide a framework for maintaining data integrity throughout all phases of the data handling process.

When processing aeronautical data, organizations must follow the guidelines set out in DO-200A and DO-200B, including planning, data requirements, processing requirements, and proof of related processes. Both data suppliers and users share responsibility for ensuring data integrity, and the guidelines provide a clear but flexible approach to ensuring aeronautical data sanctity.

DO-200B has an increased focus on data security and the aeronautical data chain, and it provides expanded definitions and clarity compared to DO-200A. It also includes increased scope/definition of tool qualification and DO-330.

By implementing processes that comply with DO-200A and DO-200B, organizations can have a level of assurance that data quality is maintained throughout all phases of the data handling process within their organization. These guidelines are part of the overall Aviation Development Ecosystem and combine airborne and ground-based software/systems with formalized safety processes.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers DO-200A Training | DO-200B Processing Aeronautical Data training, a 2-day course that provides participants with the principals, methods and requirements for avionics databases. 

Participants will learn the differences and similarities of DO-200A and DO-178 databases and the techniques are used during the development of each. You also will become familiar with the ecosystem modification of DO-200A avionics data, from the conceptual stage all the way to the end-user.

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