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Professional Assertiveness and Confidence Development Training By TONEX

Professional assertiveness and confidence development training course covers principals, practices, tactics, and skills required to raise your confidence and self-awareness in order to present yourself more powerful and to have a strong influence on others at work and in your personal life.

Some believe the difference between successful people with others is in the way they communicate their ideas, get their point across, and lead others. In the professional assertiveness and confidence development training course, we will provide you with what you need to build such skills to be confident in any situation without being excessively dominant or appearing “pushy” to others. During this training course, our instructors at TONEX will also teach you how to develop effective communicational tactics to get your point across politely yet assertively.

There are different techniques and strategies to enhance your assertiveness and self-confidence. Some of the main methods are as following:

  • Be aware of the relevant facts and be prepared to present the details
  • Always be prepared to respond properly and effectively to other people’s behavior
  • Prepare and ask good questions
  • Practice to handle aggression calmly yet confidently and strongly
  • Believe in yourself and know your strategy will work eventually
  • Be sympathetic but firm to bullies
  • Enhance your faith in good and true values of yourself

During the professional assertiveness and confidence development training course, we will practice the above methods with you, while you will also learn about tools necessary to enhance your capabilities in:

  • Self-belief
  • Self-confidence
  • Communicating
  • Business language
  • Listening
  • Questioning
  • Influencing and persuading others
  • Personal will-power
  • Body language
  • Expressing disagreement in a proper way
  • Saying NO without offending others yet confidently

We promise you that the professional assertiveness and confidence development training course will change your life. After taking this class, you will find the situations that were difficult to manage in the past much easier to handle now and you will see people start treating you differently.

Who Should Attend?

The professional assertiveness and confidence development training is a 2-day course designed for any individual who wants to improve their personal profile at work, enhance their assertiveness skills, and be better and more effective in their interactions with the co-workers and their superiors. The course is ideal for:

  • Managers and supervisors
  • Leaders and executives
  • Personal/executive assistants and secretaries
  • Support staff
  • Sales people

What Will You Learn?

Below are the main topics will be covered in this workshop (more details can be found under the full course description):

  • Overview
  • Effective Communication
  • Setting Achievable, Reasonable Goals
  • Positive Affirmation
  • Impressive Presentation
  • Difficult Situations, Difficult People
  • How To Improve Self-Esteem, Self-Belief, and Self-Confidence
  • Personal Power Enhancement
  • Influential Business And Leadership Conversations
  • Business Behavior Analysis
  • How To Develop Your Assertive Skills
  • Assertiveness And Aggression At Work
  • Business Context Arena
  • Business Context Arena

Professional Assertiveness and Confidence Development

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