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Project Management Essentials Training By Tonex

The project management essentials training course is designed to help organizations keep up with the fast growing markets and economical pressures. The project management essentials training course teaches you the techniques and strategies necessary to cope with the “faster, better, cheaper” pressures.

Before we define the term of project management, we should know what is the definition of project itself. A project is temporary. It has a start and end point and thus has a certain scope that requires a particular service to generate desirable results. Also, a project is unique. It follows specific procedures and steps designed based on a very particular and clear goal. Therefore, unlike typical work environments, people who work on various projects often are from different organizations and they usually don’t work together. Such characteristic of project makes the role of project managers even harder, as they need to manage a changing group of people who come together for only a limited period of time yet have to be able to work together smoothly and efficiently. Therefore, project management is to apply specific information, traits, skills, methods, and techniques in order to deliver on time, on budget, and desirable results. The knowledge of project management mostly covers the following list: integration, cost, scope, quality, HRs, communications, schedule, procurement, risk and stakeholder management. Through the project management essentials training course, we help you gain sufficient training about each of these areas to develop comprehensive knowledge about project management.

All the projects you have worked or will work on are similar in one aspect; projection of ideas into new endeavor. And there is one ever-existing factor, risk and uncertainty, which always can jeopardize all projects in case of miscalculation; the events and tasks can never be accurately anticipated. We all have seen a lot of examples around us; the projects that exceeded way too much above their budgets, or finished too late, or being abandoned before completion. Such failures are far too common to be ignored and they are not limited to some particular industries. The goal of the project management essentials training course is to help you anticipate as many of the problems and dangers as possible, prepare yourself and your team for them, and organize and control activities so that projects are completed successfully in spite of all the risks.

Similar to other fields of management, there are international standards for project management also in place. Some of the major standers include ISO 21500, ISO 31000, ISO/IEC/IEEE 16326, ISO 9000, ISO 10006, GAPPS, HERMERS method, PRINCE2, and etc. Depending on the nature of the project you will manage, our instructors at TONEX can guide you and help you find the standard suitable for you business.

While successful project management comes with experience, it is definitely a skill one should develop through education as well as practice. Below is a list of the key skills one should develop in order to become a successful project managers. While you might already be great in some, look for those you would need to focus to improve.

  • Leadership
  • Negotiation
  • Time Management
  • Budget Management
  • Risk Management
  • Contract management
  • Critical Thinking
  • Effective Communication
  • Managing difficult people
  • Task Management
  • Meeting Management
  • Proposal Writing
  • Being Humorous

At TONEX, our instructors will help you identify your weaknesses and strengths and then teach you how to improve the former and boost the latter.

The project management essentials training course provides you the major elements of project management such as planning, managing, control, etc. and teaches you to apply these elements into your work and create action plans for on-the-job applications.

The project management essentials training course also introduces you to the concepts and some basic terminology of project management.

Who Should Attend?

The project management essentials training is a 2-day course designed for anyone who needs to know about managing small projects.

What Will You Learn?

Below are the major topics you will learn during this seminar (detailed outline can be found under the full course description):

  • Overview Of Project Management
  • Define your project
  • Organizing The Scope
  • Work Breakdown And Coding
  • Cost Estimation
  • Planning For Risk
  • Scheduling The Project
  • Implementation
  • Managing Purchases
  • Managing Costs
  • Managing Changes
  • Managing Progress

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