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Proposal Engineering Workshop, Hands-On By TONEX

Proposal Engineering Workshop, Hands-On will train you, step-by-step, how to develop the engineering proposals and how to generate the plan of action, before or after final request for proposal release. Once we introduce you to the methods and tools used to develop successful proposals, we will practically have you practice those methods through a case study.

Either you are a consultant engineer who deals with writing proposals to bid or an engineer in academia who seeks funding to perform research or an engineer with innovative ideas looking for investors to initiate/complete a project, the proposal engineering workshop will help you accomplish your goals.

 As you may already know, some of the proposals are submitted internally to win an internal organizational budget or to get the management approval, while others are to submit to external funding agencies or clients. Even though each of these proposals would have their own unique content written specifically to persuade their audience, they all have some general contents in common. During the proposal engineering workshop, we will help you to first learn how to write an engineering proposal in general and then teach you how to tailor it based on your needs, and at the end, we will have you write one in the class so that you know where you need to work more on and if you need more help, you can ask the instructors for help.

If you ask for a general advice on writing a winning grant proposal, you most likely will hear that your proposal should be very well yet simple written, to the point and precise, and focused on your problem statement in a logical advancement. However, whoever has written a proposal even once would confirm that this advice is much easier said than done, of which finding the focus is the most difficult part. At TONEX, our engineer instructors put their valuable experience at work to help you find this focus and, along with that, learn how to write a successful engineering proposal. If you haven’t written a serious proposal yet and you think you will need to do so sometime down the road in your career, this class is perfect for you. We take your hand and walk you through the whole process step-by-step until you feel comfortable to write a complete process on your own.

Ideally you would want to be able to put your ideas on the paper and present them as precise and interesting as possible. To do so, first you need to have a clear picture of what you want in your head and then be able to sell it to others who read your proposal. Through the the proposal engineering workshop, we will help you to define your priorities and mission and then ease you into the full proposal writing.

Many grant competitions and funding agencies require their own format for proposals, but once you know the basics and fundamentals of writing a proposal, you will be able to modify it accordingly. During the proposal engineering workshop, we will teach you the principals and general format of writing a proposal and then depends on the type of the proposal you will most likely write during your career, we will teach you how to modify the design and format of the proposal based on you needs.

In industry or when it comes to the governmental projects, or for the big private projects, engineers, consultants, and engineering companies should write “bids” in order to enter the competition. Whoever offers better services at a lower rate will win the project. These types of competitions are usually so sensitive that even a small element in the proposal can change the result. Some small consulting companies can only survive if they win these grants and that would require very well-written, interesting, precise, accurate, and competitive proposals. At TONEX, we help you to get on the right path leading to the ability of writing such great and sensitive proposals.

Requesting academic grants for the research or educational purposes are another type of proposals in the engineering world. Depending on to which funding agencies the proposals are sent to, the design and format of the proposals varied. However, all the proposals follow the general rules of being persuasive, interesting, simple to read, and to the point.

For instance, the National Science Foundation people believe that the best proposals are those to which the reviewers respond, “of course, I wish I had thought of that”. It is also pointed out that the proposal must be written down to details in order for the evaluators to understand:

  • the objectives of the project
  • the capacity of the people involved in the project to accomplish the promised goals
  • the national influence of the project
  • cost effectiveness of the project
  • evaluation plans


Whichever type of proposal you are going to write up, our instructors at TONEX are committed to teach you how to win it. It is difficult and takes practices, but not impossible. And we are here at TONEX to help you get there faster.

Who Should Attend?

The proposal engineering workshop is a 3-day training course suitable for all individuals in the engineering fields who seek funding sources. It is particularly ideal for:

  • consulting engineers who write proposals to clients
  • academic engineers looking for funding for their research
  • young engineer entrepreneurs looking for capital to launch their projects

What Will You Learn?

  • Overview Of Engineering Proposals
  • Understanding The Proposal
  • Internal vs. External Proposals
  • How To Respond To An RFP
  • Tailoring The Proposal Based On Your Audience
  • Elements Of Proposal
  • Proposal Contents
  • Statement of Need
  • Project Description
  • Budgeting And Costs
  • Organization Information
  • Executive Summary
  • Appendices And Supporting Materials
  • Packaging The Proposal
  • Writing Tips
  • Readability Check
  • General Hints
  • Proofreading And Editing
  • Post Proposal Writing
  • Case Study (the whole day, on the third day)

Proposal Engineering Workshop, Hands-on

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