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Proposal Writing Training Course By TONEX

Proposal writing training course is designed to teach you how to write a winning proposal. Winning proposals are persuasive and interesting but easy to read. They demonstrate clear objectives, specific time frames, reasonable budget requests, and doable deliverables. Through the proposal writing training course, TONEX offers your organization access to our experienced proposal engineers who will teach your staff the key proposal writing techniques needed to develop a fully-compliant and winning proposal.

Winning a grant is not only about writing a good proposal. Proposal writing is one stage of a process including planning, research, building networks, and outreach to potential funders. As difficult as it is to seek for money, it is also difficult to trust an organization to donate the money one made through hard work. The proposal writing training course will help you understand the concerns of potential funders and try to address their concerns in your proposals. At TONEX, our experienced instructors have the experience of being on the both sides of money seeker and money donor, which made them pros in both. Therefore, our instructors will give you a great perspective of what potential funders and proposal evaluators are looking for when they read your proposals.

An ideal partnership occurs when one party has the ideas and the capacity to do a particular work, but no budget to proceed, while the other party has the money to spend but not the other resources necessary to complete the work. A winning proposal, which is properly written and is reached to the proper hands, can bring these two parties together to build a successful partnership. The proposal writing training course intends to teach you how to seek potential partners who are right for your goals and, once you found them, how to present yourself to gain their trust.

At TONEX, we take your hand and walk you through the process of writing proposal step by step. We also introduce you to common reasons a proposal might get rejected and teach you how to avoid them. While there are general templates for different types of proposals, the process of writing a successful proposal and requesting for funds is not a rigid formula that you memorize and apply for all the proposals. Writing proposal process is more like a thought process; it initiates with an idea and then should be developed and elaborated properly and effectively in order to accomplish its goals. During the proposal writing training course, we let you experience such process and help you develop your own style.

Different types of proposals demand their unique approach of writing; academic research and educational proposals, start-up fund-raising proposals, governmental grants, etc. require a different method to be written, as their audience, their goals, and their outcomes are going to be completely different. For instance, when your goal is education, you need to show how the money will affect the educational purposes, whereas if you are raising money for your start-up, you will need to assure your potential investors that their investment will generate revenue of which they will benefit too. At TONEX, we will help you identify your proper audience and write in a way their attention is attracted.

According to the National Science Foundation website, the best proposals are those to which the reviewers respond, “of course, I wish I had thought of that”. It is also pointed out, at the NSF guidance for writing proposals, that the proposal must be written down to details in order for the evaluators to understand:

  • the objectives of the project
  • the capacity of the people involved in the project to accomplish the promised goals
  • the national influence of the project
  • cost effectiveness of the project
  • evaluation plans

During the proposal writing training course, we will help you to develop all of these stages and become an expert in it.

Who Should Attend?

The proposal wiring training is a 2-day course suitable for all mid- and senior-level staff. The course is particularly useful for:

  • Grants writers
  • Grants directors and managers
  • Proposal contributors and coordinators
  • Business developer
  • Academic grants/funds writers
  • Fund raisers

What Will You Learn?

Following are the topics will be covered (more details can be found under the full course description):

  • Overview Of Writing Proposal
  • Understanding Proposals
  • How To Prepare For Writing Proposals
  • Getting Started
  • Planning
  • Creating An Outline
  • Researching Resources and Potential Funders
  • Components of Proposals
  • Proposal Contents
  • Proposal Narrative
  • Needs Analysis
  • Project Description
  • Budgeting and Costs
  • Organizational Information
  • Executive Summary
  • Appendices
  • Packaging the Proposal
  • Writing Skills
  • Readability and Fluency check
  • General Tips
  • Proofreading and Edition
  • After Submission





Proposal Writing Training Course

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