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Radar Basics, Introduction to Radar Systems

Radar Basics, is a 3-day introduction to Radar Systems training course providing an understanding of radar systems concepts, basic of radar operation,  and technologies to  involved in radar systems development, acquisition, testing and operation. Radar Basics three-day training program consists of a mixture of lectures, demonstrations, case studies and videos.

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Topics Include:

  • Introduction to Radar
  • Basic radar concepts and terms
  • Radar Equation and Basic Theory of Operation
  • Propagation Effects
  • Radar system design, propagation issues, attenuation, multipath effects and ducting
  • Signatures on Radar
  • Target Radar Cross Section
  • Detection of Signals in Noise and Pulse Compression
  • Sources for Radar Data
  • Transmitters and Receivers
  • Radar Antennas
  • Radar Clutter and Chaff
  • Signal Processing
  • Pulse Doppler Techniques
  • Tracking and Parameter Estimation
  • New and Future Radar Upgrades
  • Evolution of Radars
  • Overview of Modern Radar Systems

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