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Radar Systems Engineering Training Bootcamp

Radar Systems Engineering Training Bootcamp is a 4-day technical training that cover all aspects of systems engineering functions and life-cycle management applied to modern radar systems and retrofitting and modernization of legacy systems.

Learn about systems engineering tools and processes to model, Concept of Operations (ConOps)requirements engineering, design, architecture, implementation, V&V and operations and maintenance of radar mission.

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Who Should Attend

Engineers, PMs, product managers, technical managers, system engineers, architects, radar hardware and software developers

Learn how to:

  • Create radar system designs by applying radar system engineering principles
  • Develop ConOps, requirements and constraints to meet user needs
  • Develop architecture maps and traces back to mission(s) requirements
  • Describe system engineering activities required for the radar  project lifecycle
  • Apply a risk management framework to identify, avoid, and mitigate any project/program, and systems engineering risks
  • Develop verification and validation plans and objectives
  • Describe methods and processes applied to operation, maintenance and radar systems logistics

Course Topics

  • Radar Systems Fundamentals
  • Principles of Modern Radar
  • Space-Based Radar
  • Phased Array Radar Systems
  • Airborne AESA Radar
  • Continuous Wave Radar
  • Pulse-Doppler Radar
  • Phased Array Antennas and Adaptive
  • Advanced Radar Signals Collection and Analysis (ARSCA)
  • Synthetic Aperture Radar Signal Processing
  • Radar EW and Electronic Protection
  • Threat Radar Systems
  • Millimeter Wave Radar Electronic Warfare
  • Radar Systems Engineering (SE)
  • Systems Engineering Approaches
  • System Engineering Processes, Modeling and Tools
  • Concept of Operations (ConOps), Requirements Engineering, and Design
  • Radar Subsystem Design and Integration
  • Radar Signal Processing
  • RF and Antenna Subsystem Design and Analysis Process
  • Basic Antenna Engineering
  • Radar Software Development
  • Radar Software Subsystem Design and Analysis Process
  • Radar Systems Design and Architecture
  • Radar Systems Verification and Validation
  • Radar Integrated Logistics
  • Modeling and Simulation of Radar Systems
  • Radar Performance Optimization
  • Test and Evaluation of Radar Systems


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