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Reliability Engineering Training Courses

Tonex offers Reliability Engineering Training Courses that provide instruction for electrical, mechanical, software, maintenance, reliability, and quality assurance engineers, as well as project managers and technicians. Our courses cover the fundamentals of reliability in a basic, 101-type class and serve as crash courses for professionals who need to further their careers quickly.

Reliability Engineering 101

Our Reliability Engineering 101 training course is a two-day class that presents basic reliability engineering concepts. This course covers all aspects of reliability including its integral meaning, which is the probability of performing a specific function without failure, under given conditions, for a specified period of time.

Reliability Engineering 101 training is designed for professionals who want to increase product and system reliability. It’s a training course that covers many important reliability-related topics, such as the motivations for reliability and reliability engineering.

This course is intended for anyone interested in understanding what reliability and reliability engineering are as well as how these concepts will transform their products and systems into their desired states.

Reliability Engineering Training Crash Course

In addition to our Reliability Training 101 course, we offer a three-day Reliability Engineering Training Crash Course that shows professionals how to analyze the expected or actual reliability of a product, process, or service. This crash course helps you identify actions that can reduce failures or mitigate their effects.

Our Reliability Engineering Training Crash Course discusses how engineers who analyze reliability typically carry out their predictions, FMEA or FMECA, and design testing programs. This course shows you ways to best monitor and analyze field failures, and it offers suggestions for design and manufacturing changes.

Both of these Reliability Engineering Training Courses are designed for professionals with a working knowledge of the basics of reliability, but they include different concepts intended to give solutions for a variety of situations a reliability-engineering professional might face in his or her job.

To view the complete course descriptions for these training sessions, you can visit the course descriptions pages. You can also call us, or send us a message on our contact page, to get more information about both of these courses.


Reliability Engineering Training Courses

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