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Reliability Growth Training Course

Reliability Growth Training Course by TONEX, for details CLICK HERE.

Reliability growth training enables acquisition personnel and other professionals  to plan, evaluate and control the reliability of a system during its development stage. Many reliability growth concepts and methodologies presented in this course for actual applications to Army, Navy and Air Force systems. Learn about procuring activities and development contractors with an understanding of reliability growth,concepts and principles, advantages of managing reliability growth, and guidelines and procedures to be used in managing reliability growth.

Topics Covered:

Principles of Reliability and Reliability Growth

  • Reliability Growth Terms and Concepts in Design and Testing
  • Reliability Growth Analysis
  • Reliability Growth Implementation and Strategy
  • Management
  • Reliability Growth Planning
  • Reliability Growth Management
  • Reliability Management Strategy
  • Idealized Growth Curves
  • Program’s Planned Growth Curve
  • Reliability at the Start of Growth Testing
  • System’s Maximum Reliability or Growth Potential
  • Reliability Growth Fix Effectiveness Factor in Planning Stage
  • Reliability Growth Using Failure Mode
  • Type A and Type B Failure Mode Methodology
  • Crow (AMSAA) Reliability Growth Tracking Model
  • Crow Extended Model for Projections
  • Proposed Future Corrective Actions
  • Evaluating the Reliability of Repairable Systems
  • Operational Test Data or Field Customer
  • Power Law Model
  • Warranty Analysis of Repairable Systems
  • Application of Reliability Growth and Repairable System.

Reliability Growth

  • Reliability Operational Mode
  • Reliability Growth Management
  • Effectiveness Factor (FEF)
  • Growth Potential (GP)
  • Management Strategy (MS)
  • Poisson Process
  • Homogeneous Poisson Process (HPP)
  • Non-Homogeneous Poisson Process (NHPP)
  • Idealized Growth Curve
  • Planned Growth Curve
  • Reliability Growth Planning
  • Reliability Activities
  • Reliability Growth Management
  • Reliability Growth Process
  • Reliability Growth Management Control Processes
  • Factors Influencing the Growth Curve’s Shape
  • Reliability Growth Programmatic Concepts
  • Reliability Growth Planning Concepts
  • Reliability Growth Tracking Concepts
  • Reliability Growth Projection Concepts
  • AMSAA Crow Planning Model
  • System Level Planning Model (SPLAN)
  • Subsystem Level Planning Model (SSPLAN)
  • Planning Model Based on Projection Methodology (PM2)-Continuous
  • AMSAA Reliability Growth Tracking Model – Continuous (RGTMC)
  • Subsystem Level Tracking Model (SSTRACK)
  • AMSAA Maturity Projection Model (AMPM)
  • AMSAA Maturity Projection Model based on Stein Estimation (AMPM-Stein)
  • AMSAA Discrete Projection Model based on Stein Estimation (ADPM-Stein)

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