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Requirements Engineering Management Training, CLICK HERE  for detail agenda

Learn how bad, missing, Incomplete, ambiguous, or rapidly changing requirements can impact on the performance, quality and cost of system and software development.One of the hardest single part of building any system is deciding precisely what to build. Detailed technical requirements is a critical key of the  conceptual work and done incorrect can cripple the resulting product or system.

Requirements Engineering management is a critical ingredient in delivering modern products and systems. Requirements Engineering management helps teams to deliver the right products and improve outcomes by better managing the impact of change. A best practice requirements management solution can help cut development costs by up to 60%, reduce time to market by up to 30% and lower the cost of quality by up to 80%. It cal also help to reduce rework and increasing the predictability of system and project outcomes.

What is Requirements Management?

  • The process of managing the changes to requirements
  • Hard Problem because of continuous changes during development process
  • The principal concerns are
  • Managing the relationships between requirements
  • ‹Managing priorities between requirements
  • Managing the dependencies between different documents
  • Managing changes to agreed requirements
  • Requirements traceability is important

Requirements Engineering  Management Topics Include:

  • Systems Requirements
  • System Requirements Development Process
  • Requirements Engineering Management Process
  • Requirements Engineering Management Best Recommended Practices
  • System Overview
  • System Boundary
  • Operational Concepts
  • Environmental Assumptions
  • Functional Architecture
  • Identify the System Modes
  • Detailed Behavior and Performance Requirements
  • Software and Hardware Requirements
  • Allocating System Requirements to Subsystems

Tools to Support Requirements Management

  • Processes concerned with Requirements Management
  • Change Management
  • Management of Baselines
  • Traceability of Requirements and Changes
  • Tool Support
  • System design
  • Implementations,
  • User documentation
  • Stable and volatile requirements
  • Stable requirements:
  • Ee essence of a system and its application domain
  • Volatile requirements
  • Instantiation of the system in a particular environment and for a particular customer

Recommended Practices to the Issues

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