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Antenna theory is generally the starting point for understanding RF Engineering.

The fundamentals of antenna theory requires that the antenna be “impedance matched” to the transmission line or the antenna will not radiate. The concept of VSWR is introduced as a measure of how well matched an antenna is.

It’s important for the RF Engineer to understand that an antenna is a transducer, which converts electrical power into electromagnetic waves and vice versa. It can be used either as a transmitting antenna which converts electrical signals into electromagnetic waves and radiates them, or as a receiving antenna, which converts electromagnetic waves from the received beam into electrical signals.

In two-way communication, the same antenna can be used for both transmission and reception.

In the field of communication systems, whenever the need for wireless communication arises, there occurs the necessity of an antenna, which has the capability of sending or receiving the electromagnetic waves for the sake of communication, where you cannot expect to lay down a wiring system.

The sole functionality of an antenna is power radiation or reception. The antenna (whether it transmits or receives or does both) can be connected to the circuitry at the station through a transmission line. The functioning of an antenna depends upon the radiation mechanism of a transmission line.

Antenna types are classified according to their mode of application. Typical antenna categories include:

  • Satellite communications
  • Radar communications
  • Point to point communications
  • Broadcasting applications

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