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RMF Procedures Overview , DoDI 8510.01

RMF Procedures Overview, DoDI 8510.01 Training designed to introduce you to the RMF implementation overview based on DoDI 8510.01 standard and train you to apply RMF to your organization based on National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) and DoD standards.

RMF Procedures Overview

Department of Defense (DoD) has recently introduced changes to the Certification and Accreditation (C&A) process in order to extent personnel roles, job titles and new information assurance community of practice within the DoD standard (DoDI8510.01) and named it as Risk Management Framework (RMF).

RMF Procedures Overview, DoDI 8510.01 Training is designed by our cybersecurity professionals from industry and academia which helps you to establish a DoD risk management program to protect and defend your DoD information technology (IT).

TONEX has served the industry and academia with high quality conferences, seminars, workshops, and exclusively designed courses in systems engineering area and is pleased to inform professional fellows about the recent comprehensive training on RMF Procedures Overview, DoDI 8510.01.

This course covers variety of topics in RMF implementation for DoD such as: security authorization process, responsibilities in risk management framework, procedures for risk management framework, RMF step 1: categorizing information system, RMF step 2- selecting security control, RMF step 3: implementing security control, RMF step 4: assessing security control, RMF step 5: authorizing information system, RMF step 6: monitoring security controls, risk management framework governance, risk management of is and pit systems and risk management framework transition

Steps to DoD RMF Implementation:

  • Information System Categorization
  • Selecting the Security Control
  • Implementing the Security Control
  • Assessing the Security Control
  • Authorizing the Information system
  • Continuous Monitoring

By taking RMF Procedures Overview, DoDI8510.01 you will differentiate different parts of DoD IT system such as ATO and PIT and you will understand different roles and responsibilities as well as different authorization.

RMF Procedures Overview, DoDI 8500.01 training by TONEX tries to teach you the ideas, methods, design techniques, tools and management/security approaches in order to develop RMF and shift from C&A to RMF for DoD IT organizations.

This course also offers a set of experiments, hands on and workshops in order to give you a more clear idea about RMF applications and challenges that you may face.


RMF Procedures Overview, DoDI 8510.01 training is a 2-day course designed for:

  • IT professionals in the DoD organizations
  • Airforce and Military Personnel in charge of cybersecurity
  • DoD employees and contractors or service providers
  • All DoD personnel in charge of information assurance
  • Authorizing official representatives, chief information officers, senior information assurance officers, information system owners or certifying authorities
  • Employees of federal agencies and the intelligence community
  • Assessors, assessment team members, auditors, inspectors or program managers of information technology area
  • Any individual looking for information assurance implementation for a company based on recent DoD and NIST policies
  • Information system owners, information owners, business owners, and information system security managers

What Will You Learn?

Below are the major topics will be covered in RMF Procedures Overview , DoDI 8510.01 (more details can be found on the full course description):

  • Security Authorization Process
  • Responsibilities in Risk Management Framework
  • Procedures for Risk Management Framework
  • RMF Step 1: Categorizing Information System
  • RMF Step 2- Selecting Security Control
  • RMF Step 3: Implementing Security Control
  • RMF Step 4: Assessing Security Control
  • RMF Step 5: Authorizing Information System
  • RMF Step 6: Monitoring Security Controls
  • Risk Management Framework Governance
  • Risk Management of IS and PIT Systems
  • Risk Management Framework Transition
  • Hands On, Workshops, and Group Activities
  • Sample Workshops and Labs for Cybersecurity Procedures Overview, DoDI 8500.01 Training

RMF Procedures Overview , DoDI 8510.01

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