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Root Cause Analysis (RCA) can help manufacturers increase revenue.

In fact, Root Cause Analysis is one of the primary tools used by manufacturers to identify the contributing factors to quality issues within their operations.

Defects, downtime and maintenance all affect how much money you bring in, and the longer you’re out of commission, the more you lose. Reducing the occurrence of these issues with RCA keeps your company active, so you can maintain your revenue stream.

It’s also germane to recognize that he solutions created by Root Cause Analysis can last for years. You can develop clear, step-by-step processes that work every time and offer you incredible ease of use. Avoid struggling with producing a new solution every time a malfunction occurs — plug in a tried and true formula, instead.

Additionally, manufacturers can detect safety hazards before they become a reality and predict deviations in product quality, fixing those issues before they reach consumers. Even without an automated solution, you still gain the advantage of an arsenal of data you can use to stop problems in their tracks.

Root cause analyses are often conducted by process engineers in manufacturing to identify what, how, or why a precipitating event occurred.

This approach to problem-solving is usually used when the consequence involves a safety, health, environmental, quality, reliability, or production impact.

Identifying the underlying cause of the problem, or root cause, empowers the analyst to identify and implement a potential solution to the problem.

These solutions vary and can include process change or other remedies. Unlike leading indicator-based analysis, root cause analysis is a reaction to an existing or historical problem.

Before manufacturing organizations can complete a root cause analysis, they must collect as much data as possible about the events and people involved in the lead-up.

If you’re primarily basing your analysis on employee testimony, it’s important that you establish a framework for collecting hard data as soon as possible. People can be unreliable and their memories are vulnerable to suggestions, especially after time has passed.

The goal is to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Root Cause Analysis for Manufacturers, a 2-day course where participants learn to identify the cause of a problem, solve it, and prevent it from occurring again. RCA saves manufacturers and system integrators valuable resources, time, and money by optimizing their troubleshooting system and implementing root cause analysis basics.

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