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Satellite communications cybersecurity has never been more important.

Satellites are now used across critical organizations, including militaries, governments and healthcare, increasing the stakes of a cyber-attack.

Cybersecurity professionals insist that managers and leaders in organizations understand that real-time security solutions must be implemented to allow for trusted relationships between interconnected devices.

Interconnected devices that do not operate in real time present a real issue, as hackers can infiltrate a system and be out in seconds. There is simply too much for organizations to lose by treating satellite communications cybersecurity as an afterthought.

Security is especially important for most organizations deploying IoT systems and now 5G networks, with multiple devices connected across networks, platforms and devices. This holds true for satellite communications as well given the size and scope, as well as the number of earth station access points.

The rise in IoT means if one single device isn’t encrypted or the communication isn’t protected, a bad actor can manipulate it and potentially a whole network of connected devices. It isn’t just the devices themselves that need to be protected, but it is also every stage of data transmission too.

Cybersecurity analysts believe a key first step is for organizations to understand the vulnerabilities they have and how they can be exploited.

An example of this is how many organizations are working with legacy satellite communications that are not easily updated. The recommendation for organizations is to deploy significant testing to ensure upgrades for communication with next-generation platforms will not interfere or impact other key system functions.

Weak encryption and old IT equipment are key vulnerabilities for satellite networks, which are a prime target for hackers to exploit.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Satellite Communications Cybersecurity For Managers, a 2-day course designed for managers, policymakers, analysts and non-engineers with little or no satellite communication (SATCOM) or cybersecurity experience. The course is also useful for those who have experience with SATCOM and cybersecurity but have never had any formal training.

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