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A primary benefit of producing a Scope of Work document is to get your organization’s budget estimate off to a strong start, which will set your project up for success even before it really gets going.

Every Scop of Work type serves a unique purpose but leads to a common outcome, which is to give context to the project for the teams involved and expand on details that will affect the execution of the contract.

Scope details usually include:

  • Explanations of the particular scope’s purpose;
  • Divisions of responsibilities between contractor and owner
  • Expected project quality and methods of execution
  • Project, reporting and payment schedules
  • Contract-specific additional duties and evaluations

An often overlooked key part of a Scope of Work document involves methods and sources. The methods and sources you use to find and evaluate Scope content will directly impact the accuracy and expectations proposed within the document.

References to plans and specifications are expected, and project site visits can offer an up-close look at tangible realities that could have been overlooked otherwise.

Additionally, besides including vendor information and agreement terms, collaborating with vendors to include any unique project information will also benefit teams. Third-party construction cost data can be handy as well to validate plans and costs and ensure all details are complete.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Scope of Work Training Workshop, a 2-day course that provides participants with key concepts, approaches, tools and configuration of the Scope of Work. ​

You will learn best practices, analyze case studies, and recognize the impact your work has on cost, schedule, and quality. You will leave equipped with the ability to write a Scope of work that reflects actual requirements, elicits competitive proposals, and guides contractor performance.​

Additionally, participants practice writing each part of the SOW through a hands-on workshop, as well as examine a Scope of work from a contractor’s perspective. ​

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