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SIGINT (signals intelligence) is information gained by the collection and analysis of the electronic signals and communications of a given target. Intelligence agencies worldwide use SIGINT in both foreign and domestic data gathering.

Sometimes known as “intel,” SIGINT originally consisted of  communications intelligence (COMINT). But now SIGINT has two main fields:

  1. COMINT, which is intel gathered through accessing the communications of individuals
  2. ELINT (electronic intelligence), which is gathered through the use of electronic sensors.

SIGINT has also been extended to encompass information gathered from other types of signal interception and the disruption of these signals. Those activities are not covered by privacy laws. Since the invention of radio, the general consensus has been that radio waves cannot be owned, so interception is legal and as such does not require warrants as wiretap does.

SIGINT plays a vital role in U.S. national security by providing America’s leaders with critical information they need to defend the U.S., save lives and advance U.S. goals and alliances globally.

There are many career opportunities in the signals intelligence field. However, due to continual technological advancements, a career in SIGINT requires ongoing educational advancement.

The ever-increasing volume, velocity and variety of SIGINT make the production of relevant and timely intelligence for military commanders and national policy-makers more challenging and exciting than ever.

The responsibilities of a signals intelligence (SIGINT) analyst include examining foreign communications and activity and collating the information by compiling reports on combat, strategy and tactical intelligence to support Special Operations Task Force and other government agencies.

Opportunities in this type of position are most prevalent in the military including the Army, Air Force and the National Guard, but there are positions available outside the military as well, such as with technology companies that work with law enforcement and counterintelligence agencies

Want to know more about SIGINT? Tonex offers Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Training Bootcamp, a 3-day course covering all aspects of  Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) including Communications Intelligence (COMINT), Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) and Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence (FISINT). Additionally, Tonex offers another 45 courses in Aerospace & Defense Engineering, including:

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