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Fault Tolerant Software Development Workshop by Tonex

Software reliability refers to operational reliability and is an essential connect of software quality, composed with functionality, usability, performance, serviceability, capability, installability, maintainability, and documentation.

Software reliability is hard to achieve because the complexity of software tends to be high.

Then again, unreliability of any product comes due to the failures or presence of faults in the system. As software does not “wear-out” or “age,” as a mechanical or an electronic system does, the unreliability of software is primarily due to bugs or design faults in the software.

Reliability is a probabilistic measure that assumes that the occurrence of failure of software is a random phenomenon.

The truth is that software errors have caused human fatalities. The cause has ranged from poorly designed user interface to direct programming errors. Software failures may be due to errors, ambiguities, oversights or misinterpretation of the specification that the software is supposed to satisfy, carelessness or incompetence in writing code, inadequate testing, incorrect or unexpected usage of software or other unforeseen problems.

While any system with a high degree of complexity containing software is hard to reach a certain level of reliability, system developers tend to push complexity into the software layer, with the speedy growth of system size and ease of doing so by upgrading the software.

Experts in this area insist that the key to better software reliability is to make sure the software is designed with reliability in mind from the beginning.

This breaks down to the design including techniques such as fault tolerance, redundancy, and error handling. The software should undergo rigorous testing to identify and fix any bugs or defects.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Software Reliability Training, a 2-day course that provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of software reliability engineering principles, techniques, and practices.

The course covers topics such as reliability modeling, statistical analysis, fault tolerance, software testing, and maintenance strategies.

Tonex offers several courses in software reliability, such as:

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