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Software reliability testing is a testing technique that relates to testing the ability of a software to function and given environmental conditions that helps in uncovering issues in the software design and functionality.

Software reliability testing determines whether the software can perform a failure free operation for a specific period of time in a specific environment. It ensures that the product is fault free and is reliable for its intended purpose.

The specific objectives of reliability testing are many, such as:

  • To find the perpetual structure of repeating failures.
  • To find the number of failures occurring is the specific period of time.
  • To discover the main cause of failure.
  • To conduct performance testing of various modules of software product after fixing defects.

Software reliability testing helps to ensure that you deliver a quality end-product. It helps developers and manufacturers identify and fix bugs, improve performance, and test features. By performing reliability testing, you can ensure that your software functions exactly how it should.

Essentially, there are three different types of software reliability testing, such as feature testing where each function in the software should be executed at least once. Also in this testing, interaction between two or more functions should be reduced as well as each function should be properly executed.

Another popular software reliability testing method, regression testing, is basically performed whenever any new functionality is added, old functionalities are removed or the bugs are fixed in an application to make sure with introduction of new functionality or with the fixing of previous bugs, no new bugs are introduced in the application.

The third type, load testing, is carried out to determine whether the application is supporting the required load without getting breakdown. It is performed to check the performance of the software under maximum work load.

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