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Ensuring that data is secure builds and strengthens the relationship between the business and its consumer.

Software security is also vital to many businesses, especially a software development company, due to the sensitive and personal information they need to protect.

Software development companies can enhance software security a number of ways such as implementing exclusive codes. When a software development company stresses the importance of using its own code, it’s easy to understand why. Any code from outside, third-party sources shouldn’t be trusted.

Most experts in this area believe it’s better to work with code that you created rather than someone else’s because you trust your code more than those created by others. Foreign code might cause a slew of problems for your program and might make your software vulnerable to hackers and other malicious activity.

Software security is also being strengthened through cloud security. With cloud-based software, information can be easily stored and accessed from various platforms on a number of different devices. With this range of access to all this information, many companies that utilize cloud computing invest heavily in ensuring that all of this data and information is safe and secure.

Encrypting and masking confidential data is typically how these companies ensure the security of important information, allowing access only to users that are authorized.

In truth, software security has never been more important – even a very small designer mistake in software security can lead to the loss of millions of dollars.

Access control is one of the major and the most critical security software mechanisms. It ensures that only eligible users are able to access protected resources in a given system.

The process of testing access control implemented in a given system or application follows different steps. The first and the most important step aims at generating a set of test cases that have to be exercised on the system under test.

Based on real-world applications, a large number of test cases are generated. Due to budget, time, and resources constraints, testers have to choose the tests that have to be run among all the generated tests.

The subset of test cases to be run is defined based on business-related criteria according to available budget, computing resources, and the time allocated to testing.

Commonly, there are two options, either selecting a fixed number of tests or ordering (prioritizing) tests. When prioritizing tests, the tests that have highest priority are executed first until the resources that are available for testing such as time or budget are consumed.

Since testing is an important element to assure software security and reliability, the quality of the testing itself needs a certain level of assurance.

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