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The war between data protectors and data thieves is ongoing with greater stakes involved every year.

While developers constantly look for new methods to prevent software vulnerabilities, experts in this field say there’s a lot developers can do right now with preventative measures currently available.

For example, mistakes in software code continue to make both commercial and in-house applications vulnerable to attack, resulting in breaches and network compromises.

One report showed that more than 61% of applications failed to account for the top-10 vulnerabilities on the OWASP Top-10. Around 66% failed to catch the SAN Top-25 on their first security audit.

Studies have shown that overall, organizations that put a process in place to reduce vulnerabilities experience a 1.45x reduction in flaw density, while companies that make training and online learning part of their efforts have a six fold decrease in vulnerabilities.

In other words, it pays to educate development teams. Software security professionals recommend starting by creating a software security program for your applications, and work with your development teams on ways to incorporate educations and training into their workflows.

Then again, merely getting serious about software security can have benefits. Companies that create a software security program experienced 46% fewer vulnerabilities in their code than companies that do not have a program.

Security teams should also make sure that they are creating an ongoing effort while not getting in the developer’s way.

Want to know more? Tonex offers Software Security, where participants learn the importance of software security, secure development, threats, security guidelines, and mitigation to ensure that the software applications are completely secure.

Courses offered:

Embedded Software Security Training (1 day)

Secure Software Development Training (3 days)

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