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With so many countries having developed anti-satellite capabilities now, space ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) may be more crucial than ever.

Space ISR is an integrated intelligence and operations function that can be defined as a coordinated acquisition, processing, and provision of accurate, relevant, timely information and intelligence to support a commander’s decision making process.

Most military authorities agree that effective space ISR contributes to improving situational awareness for Space and could prevent intrusion or attack upon military satellites.

Space-based ISR assets can also support targeting. In recent military campaigns, ISR for targeting has been increased by using satellites to provide accurate information on a single target with a high level of precision, including impact points for attacks.

Space-based ISR sensors play an important part in the Battle Damage Assessment process. They are part of the toolbox available to the commander in assessing the structural and functional status of targets.

A wide range of space ISR imaging capabilities is more important than ever. With the conflict in Ukraine as an example, whether ISR is being used for the threat environment or for disaster relief, small satellites bring unique advantages to the table.

For instance, panchromatic imagery is a pivotal imaging sensor for military defense missions. Sometimes called the workhorse of space ISR, it supports battlespace awareness, technical intelligence, as well as other non-ISR applications like natural disaster response and humanitarian relief operations.

Panchromatic imagery provides useful insight into areas of interest, especially with image resolution getting better than ever as the technology advances.

Want to learn more? Tonex offers Space ISR Training, a 2-day workshop where participants learn about one of the most important and crucial aspects in NATO operations – Space Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance.

Participants learn about the many different sources of intelligence available including some of the most effective means of data collection from space in which ISR assets gather information to support operational commanders at all levels.

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