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Real and proposed cyber threats such as these have greatly increased the significance of International Society of Space Security Specialists (, an authority for certified space security specialist providing the information, tools and insights to help you grow and excel in your career as a Certified Space Security Specialist Professional (CSSSP).

Analysts contend’s CSSSP and other IS4 certification programs are impactful for participants as well as the future of nations that increasingly rely on the space industry for everything from communications to national security.

Truth is, the sky is the limit for space security specialist professionals.

That’s because more than ever, governments, organizations and companies are turning to space security professionals for help and advice regarding cyber-attacks.

Amid escalating cyber activity in general, cyber criminals are now more aggressively targeting the satellite arena, highlighting the ease in attacking this infrastructure and the difficulty in defending it.

A good example of this occurred early in 2022 when the FBI and CISA warned that attacks against satellite ground-based and space-based infrastructure could become a reality — and it soon did.

And not that long ago nation-state operations targeted ViaSat and SpaceX’s Starlink satellites, forcing governments and aerospace companies to create defenses against the attacks.

Space security takes on increasing importance as space becomes more woven into the global society.

Barriers to access space have dropped, and many countries now have their own satellite programs. This allows for the benefits of space to be proliferated past the established space players and broadens them to encompass nations worldwide.

In fact, global space security is essential because over 80 countries own or operate satellites now, and practically every person on the planet is a user of space data/services in some form or another.

Given the physics of space, actions by one actor can have repercussions for all. Hence, a truly global approach is needed to make space a reliable and predictable domain.

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